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  • conleywoods
    conleywoods Posts: 963 Member
    Thank you to everyone who sent compliments ☺ It is really appreciated!

    Today I wasn't going to log and then at the last minute I decided to just do it. I was pleasantly surprised to be in my calories. Maybe I will get a hang of the intuitive eating thing 🤔...someday. I did have a little bit of chocolate, but no eating after dinner. It was finally sunny and we took the dogs for a walk. So nice to see blue skies.

    @Kali225 Hope you get some rest this weekend. Your schedule sounds intense. I am always so impressed with how much you squeeze in to your schedule!

    @Gidgitgoescrazy Glad you finally hired for your position (again). Hopefully this one sticks around. Good luck on the eating better on weekends. I am focusing on that too. It's tough 😪

    @MandiSaysHey Great job getting those steps in!
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
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    Pw 161.8
    Cw 163.4

    So disappointed, but it happens, this week will be better !

    Hope you all have a great day !
  • jugar
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    edited January 2021
    Happy Saturday - last day of week 3. I remember once complaining to my dad about how it seemed like time was going by faster and faster. I said it could not possibly get any faster. He chuckled and said "just wait!". And here we are.

    I'm having a totally lazy day so far, but heading out into the woods shortly with a friend and her 2 hilarious pugs. They are unstoppable even in the snow, over hill and dale. They crack me up - I'm not usually a fan of small dogs, but the two of them together are a hoot. I also get to try out my new Pilates ring today. I just got it - I have been wanting to try one for ages. I'll let you know!

    I love the "near miss" stories @conleywoods and @KellyBgetsfit - logging even when you thought things were off track, or you had decided not to. Good move, and good late day decisions!

    Have a fabulous day, gang!
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 9,086 Member
    Let's get these last weigh-ins done! Week three will be closing soon... Tallies start in less than 12 hours B)

  • CurvyCalorie
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    @micki48 steps for January 23

    Thank you
  • MandiSaysHey
    MandiSaysHey Posts: 304 Member
    Steps Saturday 13,290 plus 35 minutes of beginner kickboxing
  • micki48
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    Week 3

    PW 196
    CW 196 (I'm not kidding! It really is exactly the same since the start of the year)

    Sorry I have been MIA. Just busy with other things. I will try to catch up soon. Hope everyone is doing well.
  • micki48
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    jugar wrote: »
    There are some errors on the step chart for last week - some of the cells ended up as zero. But the team total is working fine - not sure what the problem there was.

    Sometimes I put in a formula "=sum(number, number)" so that the steps and the exercise equivalents both are there, and they automatically get added up. A couple of those were deleted or something. I'll fix them back again (thank goodness for edit history!), but it will change the totals :frowning: sorry!!!!

    Not sure we are seeing the same thing. I am not savvy enough with spreadsheets to know. There were some zeros because I couldn't find any steps for a few people for those days. But the totals weren't adding up correctly. (I had to do it by hand) And the total team steps weren't correct as a result. I don't know. I did the best I could. It certainly wasn't adding the daily steps correctly on my end. :#

  • fuschiabolero
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    Friday 1.22.21
    les mills bodypump mid-high intensity 60 minutes & steps 4,225
    Saturday 1.23.21
    walked mid level intensity for 30 minutes & steps 10,059
    have a good night!
  • micki48
    micki48 Posts: 2,167 Member
    Steps for January 18

    I can't seem to find your steps for the 19th. Did you post those? or Could you do it again? Thank you.
  • conleywoods
    conleywoods Posts: 963 Member
    Happy Saturday 😊
    I had a busy day. I ordered a new bed for my son a while ago. It was supposed to come next Monday but to our surprise it arrived today. Spent the day rearranging both kids rooms and assembling the new bed. Cleaned some stuff out and hauled a few large items down stairs and out of the house. I burned a lot of calories according to MFP. Not sure how accurate it was but I don't like to wear my watch on the weekend. Calories should have been fine today even if it wasn't accurate 🙃 I did not do no sugar today. We made some cookies this evening and I felt like I earned them 🙂

    Tomorrow I am shopping for a new coffee maker. I have had mine for a few years and it gets used a minimum of two times a day. I just have a feeling it isn't going to make it much longer.
  • CanadianGiraffe
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    Sorry this is late. I’m working off an I-pad and it wasn’t letting me sign in.
    I’m not going to be able to weigh in this week.
  • once_mas
    once_mas Posts: 156 Member

    PW 61.5 kg
    CW 61.5 kg

    LTD 7.3 kg
  • CurvyCalorie
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    edited January 2021
    micki48 wrote: »
    Steps for January 18

    I can't seem to find your steps for the 19th. Did you post those? or Could you do it again? Thank you.

    Good morning ☀️
    Steps for January 19

    Thank you for keeping track of these. Even if they come out wonky I appreciate y’all doing it. It’s fun to see. 😊😊

  • PlaneMonkey
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    @Pearl4686 that sounds like a great program! I'm being signed up for a friend's 2 week free beach body trial starting Monday so I'm hoping that will give me the kick in the pants to start using the mini gym setup that I have yet to touch. I'm hoping I can stick to it as there's no snow in the forecast for a week! That means a break from shovelling for a bit. I was curious so I calculated the square footage I was clearing by hand each time, if I don't include the rink, it's 1205sq feet, if I include the rink, I'm up over 3000! My house is barely 1000sq ft interior space for comparison, and we live in a snow belt that sees more accumulation than the rest of the local area. I think my next few birthday and Christmas gifts might all get put towards a small snowblower....

    @conleywoods you definitely earned those cookies!
  • KellyBgetsfit
    KellyBgetsfit Posts: 1,700 Member
    Sun 12,344
    30 min intervals
    Mon 13,841
    Tues 14,451
    30 min intervals
    Wed 6,787
    Thurs 15,533
    30 min intervals
    Fri 10,090
    Sat 10,232
    30 min intervals
  • YinxFed
    YinxFed Posts: 976 Member
    Sunday weigh in:

    PW - 185.7
    CW - 185.5

    Happy Sunday, Friends!

    Well it's been rather a good week. The snow came down good and proper last night and we woke up to a thick coat of the white stuff. Pretty chilly too - although we're not going anywhere, especially as we're all under lockdown again.

    I think that I managed to eat quite well, and I did almost all of the scheduled workouts that I was meant to do. But I'm not enjoying the yoga at all, so I think that I'll give it a swerve next week and try out a completely different YouTube workout for the last week of the month. I fancy Popsugar this week - they're always well put together and also fun!

    This week, I signed up for an ultra challenge. It's a 23km walk over 16 London bridges. It should be fun! It's not until September, but I will be doing it in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Good to have something in the calendar to look forward to.

    @conleywoods we just got a new Lavazza coffee maker - love love love it! Honestly, each cup takes me back to Rome! Just in case you're looking for recommendations.

    Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!
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