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    @micki48 Here's a WIP photo. At this point, we've stripped the metal from the boards (barring a couple of nails that will not come out), sanded them to clean them, treated any parts which were soft, and filled the worst of the damage (the really pale bits, which should stain to match). We're trying to keep the character of the boards, whilst making a nice surface to work on. There are 4 in total to make two corner desks, each one is 3 boards wide, by about 5-6ft long.

    By the time we've bought everything to do it, we probably could've bought pre-made desks cheaper, but I couldn't find anything that made the best use of the space we have.



    I did the food shopping yesterday, and binge-shopped. I was definitely buying comfort food... white mini chocolate eggs (the white Milkybar ones with the crisp shell, for UK peeps), Creme Eggs, and some sweets. A key difference to normal is that I haven't binge eaten; I'm still happily weighing out portions so that's fine, and specifically bought stuff that would be easy to weigh out or count.

    The reason behind my comfort shopping - my (step) father in law had a stroke on Sunday morning. As England is in lockdown, nobody is able to go to the hospital with him, and he was taken alone in an ambulance. We don't have any news; I know he still can't swallow, and has limited use of his left side, it didn't appear to be caused by a bleed. I don't know anybody else who's had a stroke, and I guess I expected it'd be mild and he'd already be showing signs of recovery.

    I'm worried about him, my mother in law and youngest brother in law (who's only 15, FIL is his father). They bought their dream house last year - a farm/small holding - and it's needs a lot of work, plus the maintenance is FIL's thing. The house isn't really suited to somebody recovering from a stroke, either. It made me think about my own health; I'm obese, and my stress levels are typically high. He is quite young (57), a little overweight but not much, and generally healthy but also has high stress levels (and high blood pressure). Bit of a wake up call.
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    jugar wrote: »
    Hey, everyone -

    I just thought of ONE more thing to pester you about! I know, I know - but it helps make you feel awesome at the end of the month.

    This month we started entering everyone's original highest weight into the spreadsheet so that we can celebrate when someone hits 25, 50, 75, 100 pounds lost - one of those lovely numbers to set off fireworks. I am missing some people's original starting weights, and would love you to give them to me if you choose to. Some of you have been here a while and I just didn't keep track of it, and some of you are newer but I did not catch it in your intros or something. Once it is there, you'll never need to do this again - so please post it or send it to me by message if you prefer. This highest weight can be from any time - it does not have to be from when you started with this team or with MFP.

    Here is who is missing from the list:

    Thanks for this!

    I’m not really sure what my originally starting weight was when I came to this group last year but when I started my journey 4 years ago I was 230 pounds.

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    jugar wrote: »
    @jugar my weigh-in

    I’m happy!
    WOW! That's a great drop (3.6 pounds) and @MandiSaysHey too (2.4 pounds). Look at Week 4 taking off!!

    @jugar Wow! I had to go back and look. I was feeling like it’s been pretty stagnant, and getting frustrated.
    Now I’m really happy!! Hahaha

    @MandiSaysHey Great job!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    Have a great day everyone! 💕
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    @DD265 I also have a Garmin Vivosmart 4. I like the size of it, and I feel the tracking is more accurate than my step daughter's Fitbit as we went on a walk together and my device said we did 3km and hers said 4km (the gps on my phone verified we went 3). Perhaps setting up the custom stride data in the app would fix that. I definitely am jealous I can't join the large Fitbit community, but I like how my sleep data is displayed in the Garmin app, it was much more detailed than the Fitbit. They're probably all waterproof these days but I swim a lot in the summer so that was important to me. When I first got my Garmin, the band was on the second to last hole so I was worried it wouldn't fit, but it has since stretched to a comfortable size so I'm 6 holes from the end.
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    I can't add photos on mobile, I can try again once I get my computer back from hubby.... If ever.
    This is the full size, the key chain is about an inch tall total. I don't sell them, but you can probably get them on Etsy. The pattern is free, and they take 3 hours to make the mini ones
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    I don't know where else to share my excitement about this, but we finally figured out how to make it work so we bought a kotatsu (heated, blanketed table).

    Now we just need a plush rug and comforter, both of which we can probably get from Walmart or Costco.

    Once it's all assembled I'll share pics.
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    Tuesday Weigh-In

    PW: 181.4
    CW: 185.6

    Ooof!!! But frankly, not as bad as it was two days ago so I will take it. February can watch out. I have some of my favorite dinner items planned for this week and I'm going to try a host of new vegetable recipes this weekend (I love pearl onions at Thanksgiving, so why have I never made them myself?? Who knows. Also, mushrooms are the best and I should eat them more.)

    @jugar the heat is back! Toasty 71 in here. I am not convinced they actually fixed the problem, but I will be ready with a space heater and heated blanket should it (inevitably) happen again.

    @Terytha given my heating woes the last few days, that table sounds absolutely amazing. I'm googling this thing now. Incredible.

    Sorry I'm not adding to the losses this week, but some awesome progress elsewhere! Way to go guys!
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    Hello Team!

    It's almost the end of a big and busy January. That means it is time to see if anyone else would like to join our team! We are keeping recruitment small this month so that we really have a chance to spend time with each other. Do you find the team helpful? Invite a friend to join you! Just send them this link, they can sign up and request your team. It is more fun with friends :smiley:


    CONTINUING members do NOT need to sign up again! You're automatically carried over into February.
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    Training is going well, but not alot of time to chat... doing great with my daily goals this week so far ! Will catch up sometime this week..

    Have a good week!
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    Steps Tuesday 11,773 plus 30 minutes shovelling snow... do we get a step equivalent for shoveling? Lol

    I did mostly good today, but I did eat back some of my exercise calories which I am trying not to do this month. Not enough to concern me though.
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    Steps Tuesday 11,773 plus 30 minutes shovelling snow... do we get a step equivalent for shoveling? Lol

    I did mostly good today, but I did eat back some of my exercise calories which I am trying not to do this month. Not enough to concern me though.

    Shoveling snow gives you 150 steps per minute!! So your 30 minutes adds 4500 steps :heart:
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    @DD265 The wood you are using is beautiful. I'm sure you will love your one of a kind desks. Thanks for sharing.

    So sorry to hear about your FIL. He is young for sure. I will be turning 57 in June. So that is kinda scary. I have some experience with strokes. My husband, out of no where, had a stroke early one morning when he was 48! They never figured out what caused it. Not a bleed. My theory is that it was related to sleep apnea. He snored a lot. In any case, he spent a week in the ICU, but luckily recovered completely. One would never know he had the stroke if you weren't told. He is now 66 and we have never had any issue again. He is on blood thinners for life, but so far he has not had any ill effects. I hope your FIL recovers quickly. It is very scary, but also amazing how the brain can recover. I wish you all well.

    @PlaneMonkey Thanks for that link. They are cute little nasty things!

    @Terytha I had to look that up. How exciting and what a comfy cozy thing to have.

    Today I had my granddaughter over. She is such a piece of work. I was trying to get her to nap and she was singing a "Jazzy Jingle Bells" then she licked my face and said she was a kitty. She makes me laugh so much. My eating was fine today, but I haven't logged everything yet. Today was one of those recurring "Covid -- Don't care days." I think for me, as this pandemic has dragged on, some days I just can't be bothered to be "good". This past year has been quite unusual and difficult. We never leave our house. I mean NEVER. We are probably a bit crazy about it, but we are just trying to be safe. Well, some days, it's all I can do to just get through the day. Discipline is not my word for today. Grace will have to be my word. I will forgive my lack of discipline because I guess it is what I needed to get by today.

    <3 Log my food - Not yet
    <3Drink 80 ounces of water - ALMOST
    <39,000 steps - No
    <310 minutes of exercise (baby steps) - No
    <3Read 30 minutes - Read things (like tracking down vaccines), but not my book again.
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    @micki48 Thank you, that story gives me hope. I am glad your husband is well.

    Thanks all for the good wishes. FIL was able to sit in a chair yesterday which sounds like a good omen. I have everything crossed.

    I kind of messed up yesterday; we went out for lunch (to buy a sandwich/wrap - we do this once a week to break up the monotony of WFH) and my 'rule' is when we buy a meal out, I can get a soft drink with it, if I want. I picked a can of Monster - zero (15...) calories, but mango flavour - I LOVE mango. I bought it entirely for the taste, not the stimulation, drank it yesterday between 1pm-5pm. Could I sleep last night? Ended up taking sleeping pills at 2am.

    It's weird, because I used to neck Coke Zero or similar, and energy drinks, like they were going out of fashion, and I slept. I think the quality of my sleep was probably very poor. I don't really miss them though, and I think this, plus a similar-experience from a bottle of Coke Zero a couple of weeks ago - has told me that I would probably prefer to avoid them, or I suggested to OH that instead of a bottle/can each, we share. There's a caffeine free Diet Coke, so maybe we could get some of those cans to keep in (cheaper, too), though I don't know what it'd taste like, and I don't know if I care enough.

    I'm finding myself snacking less. Yesterday I had three meals, and a 500 calorie flapjack - it was so worth it. Admittedly I was a little hungry come meal times, but not unbearably so. It wasn't really deliberate, just a matter of being engaged in something at work, or too lazy to get up for a snack. I suspect it's less a case of my body getting used to a new routine, and more that my mind is getting used to a new routine, where 'we' eat because we need calories (or because MFP tells me I should eat the calories, at present - the goal still feels high) rather than because we need an emotional crutch.
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