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  • EvMakesChanges
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    @jugar my highest weight was probably more but I recorded 198 as top. My current weight is 187.5. I seem to be in a plateau, again.
    Today I said I’d drive Monica to zBoston for dental appointment - I hope, instead that they’ll move it later so the roads will be cleaned up! More soon.
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    New day and my exercise is decided for me by mother nature - a few inches of wet snow out there, must take care of the driveway before someone drives on it (so annoying) and packs it down to turn to ice. I've heard the announcement that Feb 1 over 75 can be vaccinated - now to find out where for mum and dad - will be one step toward less stress.
  • PlaneMonkey
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    PW: 207.2 lbs
    CW: 207.6 lbs
    LTD: 36.4lbs

    Small rebound after last week, pretty understandable. It'll probably be off again by tomorrow knowing my luck! We got another dumping of snow again last night that I wasn't expecting so this evening's main activity after work is already decided as well for me!

    I've attempted the limited Beachbody videos I currently have access to through my free trial and I gotta be honest, it just reminds me of step aerobics I did in highschool. I hate it! But what it has driven me to do is go through all my old workout plans from when I had a personal trainer and my gym was still open and I've compiled a list of the compound movements with low impact and only dumbells or bodyweight required into a program for myself. I have enough cardio in my everyday life from Mother Nature these days so I'm just going to focus on weights. I find doing freeweights still gets my heart rate up. I have to devise a reward system to keep me going though. I'm going to get a calendar and some stickers and figure out what's a valid reward for the effort. I'm thinking to begin (Baby Steps!!) I have to complete 3 of these routines per week, at least 1 whole round of the exercises and if I do that, I'll earn my treat. What's a valid reward for that kind of effort? I'm not a sweets person so a dessert isn't something that will motivate me. Maybe I'll put $5 or$10 a week aside for each week I complete it and after a month I'm allowed to buy myself a random gift online, or maybe each week I get to eat an extra block of cheese (my kryptonite) or a glass of wine as a reward. What works for everyone else?

    Thanks for all the support WaistAways! I really appreciate you all.
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    @jugar my highest weight I think was 182lbs. This was in 2019 before my move to Europe. I didn’t realize that I was heavier then even when I was pregnant with my third child in 2009. I don’t like looking at those photos for a few reasons.

    I’m happy to be on this journey with you all and feeling better about photos!
  • jugar
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    Your comment about being hungry at mealtimes was interesting. One of my rules of thumb is that if I am not hungry at mealtimes, that probably means I ate too much at the last meal or snack. Being hungry is a great sign! I know when I don't feel hungry that I have overdone it for sure. If you're hungry all the time, or too soon after eating, you probably need a plateau to adjust for a bit before losing more. Lately I am not waking up super hungry for breakfast - so I know I am eating too late in the evening! This is usually not an issue for me, but the evening snacks have started creeping in. Even though they usually fit into my calories for the day, it is not a good time for me to be eating. I know things go best when I wake up hungry. That might not be the case for everyone, but it works for me.

    Great job on the workout design. That's a great idea! I have dozens of old workouts from when I was working with a trainer too, and they are great templates. For a reward if you do this 3x per week? I like the wine or cheese, as long as the quantities are carefully handled (usually impossible with kryptonite!), but there might be other lovely things. I used to save up for a massage, but that's out these days with covid... What kills your stress?

    Photos are tough! I don't like them at the best of times, but it sure feels better when you feel better about yourself. You're looking gorgeous, by the way. Treat us to a then and now set if you want to - those are always amazing.

    Happy new snow day, to those who are out there with shovels, skis, snowshoes - whatever takes your fancy. I'm happy to have more of the stuff, as you know!
  • PlaneMonkey
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    @jugar my life is fantastically low stress. Also, as I work in Ontario, I was able to get a massage last week at my chiropractic office. I'm still working full-time out of my home so I still see most of my favourite people even if it's from a 6ft distance.

    I think getting to blow $20 a month on floating pool toys or cheap, cute bathing suit coverups for this coming summer might be the ticket. As soon as the ice melts I'll be floating on the lake again. Hopefully in a size 12 swimsuit!
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    CW 152.8
    PW 154.2

    Highest weight 158
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    PW: 176.8
    CW: 175.4
  • jugar
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    Step right in, @username252020 !
    I know it is crazy joining a group chat at the end of the month before you officially start, but it's good to see how things work, get warmed up and ready to go for February. Please tell us about yourself, your goals, questions - anything goes. We look forward to getting to know you and to having you join our team. I'll also send you a friend request so that you can send me a message any time you need to. Welcome!
  • sunny9847
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    Met all goals today. Steps 12,201
  • jugar
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    sunny9847 wrote: »
    Met all goals today. Steps 12,201
    Sunny - you are amazing. You have met all your goals all month! That means you have set great goals, but it also means you are committed (stubborn?).
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    Steps Wednesday 11,562
  • micki48
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    @jugar So glad to hear you will finally have surgery and get this thing off your a**. Great news! Wishing you the best.

    Not sure what time it is and if I made it for the 27th or not. Today was an ok day. I did finally get on my mat and do 32 minutes of Pilates. I missed my chance to go take a nice walk. I thought it was cold out. Apparently, it was close to 60 and I missed it. I really should go out more.

    Not much else to say. I promised myself I would stop going to bed after 1am. It has become my habit. Not good. So I will sign off for tonight. :)
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    It has been a really busy week so far with several really late evenings at work. My youngest has been up at night or up before 5AM. Big brother got a new bed and my youngest is feeling left out. Their bedroom was rearranged too and he isn't used to it yet. I am really tired. Lots of meetings and stuff going on. Kids at school have been moody. It's gotta be the full moon! Today at work we received an email out of the blue that we could get covid vaccines after work. I got my first dose and my arm is definitely sore. Glad to get it since I think only 2 of my 30 students wear masks at school since they are so little. I worked out Sunday and Monday but not today or yesterday. I don't think my arm will be happy about lifting weights.

    @jugar That is such great news! I bet you were absolutely giddy when they called you! You are in good shape and should recover quickly.

    @PlaneMonkey I like to use rewards for habits like working out. I try to avoid food rewards because it can make me feel like the workout is a punishment or I have to earn food. I usually tend to go for workout clothes as my reward or permission to do something for myself like crafts, soak in the tub. It really boils down to what motivates you.

    @terytha Who loves the warming table more? You or kitty 😺?

    @DD265 Hope your FIL keeps improving! That is so scary. My FIL is a stroke surviver too. He is physically able to do everything he wants.

    I could say more to so many of you but I will need to go back and re read some posts!
    Good night
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    @jugar I forgot my steps for yesterday January 27 13,500
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    @jugar so glad you've got an appointment!!
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