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January 2021 - daily or weekly check-in



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    Heaviest Weight: 253
    MFP Starting Weight:235
    January starting weight: 207.0
    January Goal Weight: 202.0
    January total weight loss:

    12/31: 207.0

    01/01: 207.8

    01/02: 208.1 Travel and limited movement.

    01/03: 207.1 Okay better!
    01/04: 207.4
    01/05: 207.0
    01/06: 207.2 Normal fluctuation but I need to get off the 7 and get to the 6
    01/07: 207.2
    01/08: 207.0 A little better due to smaller portions.
    01/09: 208.6 Crazy Scale! The only indiscretion was milk. Goodbye Milk!
    01/10: 208.6 Good meals but a very late dinner again due to people “popping in” and staying late (11:00 pm).
    01/11: 207.0 A nice whoosh. A few small changes (like avoiding milk) paid off.
    01/12: 207.0 Surprised to see it unchanged after travel. Restaurant meal and lack of movement.
    01/13: 207.2 A normal fluctuation. I increased my steps yesterday to over 12,000 to try to make up for the day before (sitting while traveling).
    01/14: 207.0 I am still hoping to see the 6. I feel like I've worked my butt off for half this month just to get back to starting weight, all over a lousy glass of milk! I know there is more to it than that and that movement makes a big difference too, but I really need the 6
    01/15: DNW I didn’t get a chance to weigh. I was woke up by a friend banging on the door and it slipped my mind until after 2 cups of coffee. Good meal planning yesterday but my late-night snacks were bad.
    01/16: 207.0 Going for the 6 after a good night’s sleep.
    01/17: 206.8 Mission Accomplished. Finally the 6! Barely, but finally!
    01/18: 206.2 Yay!!!! Now I am going to tiptoe to the 5 and hope it doesn’t see me and stop me!
    01/19: 205.6 I am so thrilled to see this. My meals weren’t “perfect” but I was especially careful to eat a very low cal/low carb dinner.
    01/20: 205.2 Continued progress. Carbs a bit high but calories on the lower side. Lots of movement in rigorous household projects that will continue today.
    01/21: 205.4 A normal fluctuation. Low cal yesterday and kept committed. I did not get to work on my rigorous projects afterall yesterday so the extra calorie burn will be today.
    01/22: 205.2 Lots of extra steps & movement yesterday. I am making dinner for a friend tonight so I will keep it low cal and low carb.
    01/23: 206.2 Ruined a low calorie day with pop-tarts and milk. Making some extra efforts today.

    Congratulations! A new decade! Super exciting!
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