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Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 138



  • musicsaxmusicsax Member Posts: 2,458 Member Member Posts: 2,458 Member
    It's so inspiring to see so many people hitting or exceeding their goal, I am sure it is a particuly successful round. Well done !!
  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,247 Member Member Posts: 3,247 Member
  • Tesha231Tesha231 Member Posts: 348 Member Member Posts: 348 Member
    @starrjulia8 I'm worried about you, the stress you are under and your safety. Hopefully you are able to talk to your twin as a release for those things that are weighing on you. I hope you are able to carve out some time just for you somehow.
  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,247 Member Member Posts: 3,247 Member
    Female 5’0” Age 70 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel - no scale part of the time
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5
    OGW 137 (set by WW 2008, WW goal 1985 was 126)
    UGW 125 (HS weight 1968)
    Rnd 7 167.0 to Rnd 17 155.5
    To Rnd 27 146*
    To Rnd 37 139.0
    To Rnd 47 133.5*
    To Rnd 57 131.5
    To Rnd 67 128.0
    To Rnd 77 125.0
    To Rnd 87 121.0*
    To Rnd 97 121.0
    To Rnd 107 122.0
    To Rnd 117 116.0
    To Rnd 127 117.0
    Rnd 127 SW 117.0 AW 116.2
    Rnd 128 SW 115.5 AW 115.65
    Rnd 129 SW 115.5 AW 116.85
    Rnd 130 SW 116.5 AW 115.9
    Rnd 131 SW 116.5 AW 116.4
    Rnd 132  SW 118.5  AW 116.95
    Rnd 133 SW 117.5 AW 118.7
    Rnd 134 SW 118.5 AW 117.6
    Rnd 135 SW 117.5 AW 118.45
    Rnd 136 SW 118.5. AW 117.94
    Rnd 137 SW 117 AW 119.1

    We ALL have good rounds and bad but that is part of life. Don’t stay away, stay accountable. We don’t judge, we support.-Jpv,2/13/19

    What we need to succeed is a sustainable way of eating, not a DIET we go on and off.

    This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

    **Comments and steps apply to previous day**

    Rnd 138 SW 117.5 AW 118.2
    1/12 118.5 Popeye’s chicken and a biscuit. I had a headache all day yesterday and the spicy chicken helped for awhile. 🤷‍♀️It’s all good.
    1/13 118.0 Fasting. Today our baby girl turns 48. She has been feeling not well this week but is continuing to teach from home. Remote school is clearly not working for the children of Las Vegas. Elementary kids who have always had A and B grades are, in many cases, failing. So sad.
    1/14 117.5 Still fasting - currently at 38 hours. I feel great. Mammogram today-yippee.
    1/15 118.0 My fast lasted 43.5 hours and my macros were good at the end of the day. No TMI x 2 days seems to be the big issue with fasting for me.
    1/16 117.0
    1/17 117.5 I spent several hours yesterday getting a new phone. I got sidetracked and never read the messages so will catch up tomorrow!
    1/18 118.0 Uptick could be from all of the bacon I ate yesterday, as @musicsax said the other day. Soooooo yummy!
    1/19 118.0 The last 2 evenings I have been eating a little salt because I was having foot cramps. Today we are hoping to have a meal with the neighbor who is moving to Tennessee tomorrow.
    1/20 120.0 Totally expected after Golden Corral and 4 times my daily carbs! Also up VERY early!
    1/21 119.5 Awake at 4:15, even worse than yesterday!ux239pys1e0e.jpeg
    1/11 Plank 1:50
    1/12 Minimal walking
    1/13 Walked with neighbor. Wore 12# backpack which changes my posture and prevents lower back pain.
    1/14 Steps
    1/15 Tried to do plank early but pain in my leg stopped me.
    1/16 LOL
    1/17 5452 steps👍
    1/18 Plank 2:02
    1/19 Nope
    1/20 3519
  • GrandmaJackieGrandmaJackie Member Posts: 31,166 Member Member Posts: 31,166 Member
    @tiabirdie56, thank you for transferring the chat link.
  • tiabirdie56tiabirdie56 Member Posts: 3,052 Member Member Posts: 3,052 Member
    You're welcome Jackie. @GrandmaJackie
  • SModa61SModa61 Member Posts: 1,355 Member Member Posts: 1,355 Member
    SModa61 wrote: »
    @Quiltingjaine I want to know if you actually did those moves, including all the facial stuff! :)

    So I had to look this up to see what you meant @SModa61 and I was NOT ready for that. I had tears in my eyes :D That escalated very quickly (and BF gave me some very crazy looks - he could only hear what I was watching)

    Though I have done that tongue out move (Lion's breath or something like that) watching one of YWA's videos. I felt so silly

    @camandjarvis I had no idea the tongue/face moves had any yoga or exercise basis. Was the first I ever saw anything like that and having that those moves be my first introduction was making me wonder about the woman.
  • BeautyofdreamsBeautyofdreams Member Posts: 509 Member Member Posts: 509 Member
    [email protected]

    - move 20 minutes a day
    - Participate
    - sleep 8 hours

    MFP SW: 223.4 (March 8, 2020)
    SW: 157.3
    GW: 135.0
    01/12 157.3
    01/13 158.2 Water retention for the last couple days due to restarting weight training after holiday shutdown
    01/14 158.2
    01/15 157.6
    01/16 158.4 Binge eating.
    01/17 157.4 Binge eating
    01/18 158.2 Raised calories to maintenance for a diet break. Haven't had a break since October.
    01/19 159.0
    01/20 156.9
    01/21 156.9
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