HELP - Having a really hard time with exercising (can't hold my own weight).



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    Crawling is also an excellent full body low impact exercise that can be modified based on ability

    op clearly stated he/she cant get up and down from the ground on the post
    Getting up and down per an exercise video is very different from doing it casually. See the very last exercise in the "TRUE BEGINNER" video above. I have no problem getting up and down MY way, but Josh's way is a lot harder - it takes way more core strength than my way does.

    It was just said that it was hard, not that it wasn’t doable.

    And if you do one hard thing, forcing yourself to get up and down until it becomes easier is the one hard thing I would stick to and not modify. Being able to get up and down is a huge predictor of whether someone is going to die in the next five years. It’s a basic movement and necessary for safety. If you can’t do it you need to find a way to work on it until you can.
    So I've done the "TRUE BEGINNER" video above three days in a row now and it's already gotten much easier. Still quite challenging and I still do a lot of modifications, but I am no longer laughably pathetic.

    When I move in with my 83 yo mother I'm not going to make things easy on her. USE IT OR LOSE IT, MOM!

    My OH's mother did die in less than 5 years of not being able to get on and off the toilet unassisted. I think it was about 15 months, actually. No idea when the last time she'd been down on the ground.
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    Try this get back up exercise. If you need to brace on a sturdy chair, bench or low table. Being able to get up off the floor can literally be life saving. Best of luck.

    That's a good one! I did two variations and called it a day, lol. Will add it to my warmups.
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    kshama2001 wrote: »
    Theoldguy1 wrote: »
    Try this get back up exercise. If you need to brace on a sturdy chair, bench or low table. Being able to get up off the floor can literally be life saving. Best of luck.

    That's a good one! I did two variations and called it a day, lol. Will add it to my warmups.

    What's great about this is someone that needs a bit of help to start out can use something for support, an advanced person can do it for time minimizing contact points and anywhere in between.
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    Signed up for DDP Yoga - low impact - touted as "not your mamas yoga".
    Three times a week for 30 minutes.

    Then walking the other two days.

    Weekends off right now unless we go out for a hike or walking the dogs or something.

    Are you doing the streaming or the app?

    Have you started? Do keep us posted!
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    I started DDP Yoga App last Monday. It's a mix of yoga, isometric strength training, pilates, and flexibility. Was supposed to do three workouts per week. I'm planning on doing five. Plus two other simple workouts. So trying to be more active.

    Eating my 1900 calories a day.
    Trying to focus on more fruits and veggies that are filling but small calorie amounts.

    Drinking a lot of water!!

    Want to try to add in more sleep, more steps, being active for 30 seconds every 1 hour.

    Although this would be good once you get your weight under control, it is not the way to get your weight under control.

    The main problem is that you weigh 300 lbs; and you seem to think that a little bit of flexibility and strength training is going to solve that problem.

    The best way to lose weight through exercise is to do some sort of steady state activity (fast walking and/or cycling in your case) for a half hour to an hour (I recommend an hour if you can work up to that) at least 5 (if not 7) days a week.

    Also eat at least 500 less calories per day to lose 1 lb. per week.

    Once you get to a weight that your joints can handle the stress, then start focusing on the things you mention above.
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    DDPYoga has been mentioned a couple times, its great for low impact exercising and making you feel like whatever your doing is enough, lots of modifications and slower paced workouts. Check it out on youtube i think youll like what you see.
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    I totally understand. The first time I did a plank I lasted 5 seconds and cried after. Not sure if it’s in your budget, but a trainer is what really helped me understand what I am capable of. I just started with the three pack at the gym. Other things that have worked for me include starting to walk and having a route for when I do it so I don’t stop short; the walk off the weight videos for when I can’t get outside; and truly just trying to add 5 seconds every week to something I’m doing and trying to get better at it. I will say jumping is so hard. I find squatting difficult to do but a little easier to build up to. Good luck!!!
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    Some suggestions - yoga, tai chi, exercise bands, small weights, rebounder, water workouts, deep breath work, and maintain walking. You will get to your goals over time, be proud of your present accomplishments and incorporate what you currently are capable of without injury. Stay positive and love your journey!
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    Just start with walking as much as you can and build on to it from there. MFP has lots of beginner walking routines to try. I just started walking outdoors as far as I could and have been building on from there.

    Also you might want to look into Richard Simmons vids. He has people from skinny to way overweight in them and they're very encouraging and inspiring I think. Most are no to low impact.

    There's also a show called Sit and Be Fit. It shows on PBS in the USA. It's what it sounds like. DVDs are available too.

    Also on PBS is a show called Classical Stretch. I really enjoy it. It's basically a no impact moving stretching workout. I feel better, less body tight, after I do it. I bought a season on dvd after doing it on PBS when they took it off for a while.

    Both are airing in the early morning in my area on alternate days around 5:30am.

    Be sure to check your local library for the DVDs to try them out too. There's also ILL or interlibrary loan if they don't have them there.

    You might also want to check out Darebee. They have free programs from workouts to programs to recipes to meal plans. All free. Donation funded. Here's a link to their most beginner friendly program.

    Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Getting Started links. They go from absolute beginner to very advanced. Forums are newbie friendly.

    "The Foundation Light is a low impact 100% bodyweight based fitness program perfect for anyone with joint issues, recovering from an injury or is heavily overweight. It is also perfect as bodyweight training introduction and getting in sync with your body. All routines are 100% bodyweight based, they include cardio and strength days as well as stretching and some light martial arts elements. This program doesn't contain any high impact exercise, lunges or planks in any form - everything is done standing up with low or no pressure on the joints. It will be perfectly suitable for rehabilitation as well as a general fitness journey starting point.

    This program is literally a lighter version of the Foundation Program."

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    So I walk or ride a stationary bike three times a week for 15 minutes.

    Well done on that :) I started back on my spin bike at 2 minutes a time and have slowly built up. Does your bike allow you to stand and pedal? I will say I had trouble buying a bike as I was over the maximum weight a lot were made for.

    I actually found when I started to be able to incorporate that and stand / sit / slow / sprint on all the different ways that started to build my strength and stamina and now I can do the off bike items a lot easier. By pulling myself up to standing I was using my shoulders / arms and they got stronger.

    The bike was a nice way for me as less pressure on all joints (I also can't hold body weight in all exercises).

    6 months on both fitness and strength have improved for me so if you can stand on a bike I would totally recommend it.
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    bcalvanese - the ddp yoga isn't just regular yoga for flexibility - it's actually aimed to get your heart rate up to about 125-135 for 20-30 minutes straight each workout. It's called "not your momma's yoga" and the weight loss people see on it is crazy (combined with eating at calorie deficit) - people are losing 100, 150, 200lbs in a year or two - it's insane. I just wanna drop 75lbs and don't care how long it takes - couple years is fine.

    Going to take a look at all these other suggestions.

    I want to add in more exercise but also have found I get burnt out in past. So maybe take it slow.
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    So I walk or ride a stationary bike three times a week for 15 minutes.

    The other three days a week I try to follow a 15-20 minute workout video on my phone.
    But I am running into three issues.
    -- There is a lot of getting up and down off the ground which is really hard for me.
    -- There is a lot of jumping and squatting - my knees & feet can't handle it - end up with stress fractures afterwards.
    -- There is a lot of stuff involving bodyweight - I can't hold myself up to even do knee pushups or planks.

    It is discouraging - I am 300lbs which makes a lot of these hard - a 10 minute stretching routine got me winded and tired.

    Not sure what to do. I want to get stronger so this isn't an issue one day.

    Anyone else run into the same issue.

    Do you have access to a gym? You can start with light weights and then progressively add more as you drop weight/build strength...