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February 2021 - daily or weekly check-in



  • nikkit321nikkit321 Member Posts: 974 Member Member Posts: 974 Member
    February starting weight: 188.2
    February goal: 185
    Non-scale goals:
    - keep health in balance with work
    - deliberate exercise minimum 4x/week
    - plan meals

    2/1 - 188.2 January was a struggle for me and I ended the month higher than where I started. My work commitments got in the way of exercise and meal planning/logging. Today I've planned & pre-logged my meals and I commit to a long walk. (Walk - check!)
    2/2 - 185.6 yup, yesterday's weight was inflated due to sodium. Adjusted my Feb goal for where I feel my actual start for the month is. Meals planned & logged, will walk later, attitude adjusted.
    2/3 - 185.0 good day yesterday reflected on this morning's scale. Zumba restarts tonight so looking forward to that. Today's meals planned and logged.
    2/4 - 184.6 Zumba was fun last night, happy to post another drop. Food planned and logged; exercise planned.
    2/5 - 184.8 no walk yesterday but food was good. Planning good exercise for the weekend as I think it'll make me more mindful with food choices. TGIF!!
    2/6 - 184.2 good day yesterday but no exercise. Today I am going to exercise, meal plan, and grocery shop

    2/7 - 186.6 gluten spike. I did get everything done yesterday, including exercise.
    2/8 - 187.2 love weekends but need to control weekends
    2/9 - 184.2
    2/10 - 184.4 shared a bottle of wine with my hubby last night, that's the only reason I can think of that I'm up slightly this morning. Will have to pay attention and see if that's a typical reaction with my body.
    2/11 - 184.4

    2/15 - 187.6 yikes. sodium/gluten bloat, will drop back off in a few days.
    2/16 - 186.4
    2/17 - 187.0 sodium
    2/18 - 187.0
    2/19 - 187.2 struggling with work stress this week...
    2/20 - 186.6 restarted running today. I've completed C25K and C210K several times. This time I'm doing my own thing. Ran 1min today. Tomorrow I'll run 2min, and so on. Making a zuppa toscana (Olive Garden) soup knock-off for dinner today, which will also give me lunch for next week. Soupy Saturday!

    2/21 -188.0 ???? 2min run today with my walk, and I'm planning on getting the dogs out for a walk today as well before the snow starts...again.... Oh, I know why the +...had a roll with soup last night.
    2/22 - 188.4 3min run today w/ my walk. No snow, rain instead, so a lot of ice out. Dinner is fish tacos (and I'll have the fish with a salad instead of a soft tortilla).
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