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Less Alcohol - FEBRUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



  • globalhikerglobalhiker Member Posts: 771 Member Member Posts: 771 Member
    @MissMay thank you for your inspirational and energizing posts!! You always give us a shot of motivation when we need it :).
  • globalhikerglobalhiker Member Posts: 771 Member Member Posts: 771 Member
    @CryingBlue I hope you feel better and solution the pains. Spasms hurt like hell and I have a back and neck one that pops up if I watch TV in a sideways position...and the hip bursitis from muscle imbalances and having one leg every so slightly longer. I am a big fan of arnica gel though for fast relief it worked for me. Physical therapy too.
  • MissMayMissMay Member Posts: 2,311 Member Member Posts: 2,311 Member
    Six more days left in February.
    I have a huge question to ask. Who on here would like to continue as the creator each month for the Less Alcohol One Day At A Time thread ?
    My time has come to disembark as I am going to be extremely busy down sizing my home and property.
    I will need to have some interest for the task asap so that the new person can either create a new monthly thread or decided if they would like this one to be continuous.
    Thanks for your help in advance to this.
    edited February 23
  • mainelylisamainelylisa Member Posts: 316 Member Member Posts: 316 Member
    @Stockholm_Andy We need a Hilarious button. I'll join ya!
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