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this time of year do you gain a few lbs?



  • eels4peels00eels4peels00 Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    I totally put on 10 pounds in the winter. I'm in Chicago and originally from Savannah so let's just say I don't do mid west winter well. I also ride my bike a bunch during the warmer season, around 150 to 250 miles a week, while I only commute on it in the winter and do indoor training a couple times a week. I was a little worried putting on a couple pounds the first year I was here, but saw that I was able to drop it really quickly to my "race weight" in the spring. With that being said I have a certain weight that I don't want to go beyond in the winter so I keep an eye on it by weighing myself every week.
  • ridiculous59ridiculous59 Member Posts: 2,037 Member Member Posts: 2,037 Member
    I remember someone posting on MFP a few years ago called it their "winter fluff". I like that term :)

    When I used to go to the gym (several years ago) I rolled my eyes at all the New Years resolution types who flooded the gym and made my time there less enjoyable. But now I get it. You put on a few pounds in December and then work like crazy in January/February to get rid of it. They are the smart ones because I had spent my life putting on a few pounds over the winter and never doing a thing about it. Till one day, I weighed 232 pounds.

    But yes, winter fluff is a thing for a lot of people. I'm as active in the winter as I am in the summer, I just do different things (skiing instead of running, snowshoeing instead of paddling). And dogs still need walking, no matter the weather. My issue has always been controlling what I eat, and the darker, colder months draw me to comfort foods. Funny though, I tend to drink more alcohol in the warmer months (a cider after mowing the lawn, a glass of wine in the evening on the deck, Baily's in my coffee while camping). You'd think it would all balance out, but somehow it doesn't.
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