Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 141



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    @musicsax can you not buy canned pumpkin purée in the UK? It’s on our store shelves year round and much easier and quicker than doing your own from a fresh pumpkin!

    No, I've never seen tinned pumpkin; to be honest I don't buy that many tinned products, but I shall have a look in a larger supermarket than I usually use to see if I'm just not aware of it. I'll let you know later next week.

    I always make best use of fresh pumpkins when they are in season, my favourite is pumpkin and ginger soup!
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    29 yo female
    5’2” Small frame according to my wrist circumference
    SW 126.2 (April 14th, 2020)
    Highest lifetime weight: 138 lbs. August 2011
    Goal Weight: 110
    Previous rounds: 125.2 -> 122.8 -> 121.6 -> 121.2 -> 119.8-> 119.4 -> 117.8 ->116.6 -> 117.2 ->117.2->114.8 ->116.8 -> 116.4 -> 114.0 -> 115 -> 115.4 ->115 ->113 -> 113-> 113.8 ->114.6 -> 113.6 -> 115.8-> 116 -> 115.6 -> 117.6 -> 115.8 ->118.2-> 117.4 ->116.6 -> 116.8
    Goal weight for this round: Maintain in the 115-117ish range.
    Another goal: Actually check-in each day and weigh daily.

    Previous days
    02/11 116.0 Had a .8 whoosh overnight, so I’ll take it. I’m planning to eat at maintenance today but it’ll be spent on good for me foods like a couple more ounces of nice and lean pork tenderloin and roasted veggies. I went into the office today and spent the day with my manager and our clinical nurse manager. It was nice to connect in person and we were able to get part of a project done too!
    02/12 115.4 I’ll continue to take these whooshes. It has inspired me to not get takeout tonight and just find myself something more manageable at Trader Joe’s for a “Friday night easy dinner”. Dinner last night was so filling for me that I didn’t even have room for everything I had portioned out. I ended up choosing butternut squash and potatoes to roast with the pork tenderloin plus a bit of quinoa too. My husband was craving Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner so he got that, but I stuck with the pork tenderloin and he is having some of the pork for his lunch today. I was tempted with takeout but after realizing that I didn’t want a 1,400 calorie dinner it was easy to pass on.
    02/13 Did not weigh but ate pretty well all day and treated myself to mochi cake. I figure 200 caloires over is much better than 800 or more with getting takeout. So I’d call Saturday a win for myself 😊.
    02/14 Haven’t weighed yet but TOM arrived, so I’m going to be kind to myself and eat at maintenance today. I have my spin on a split pea soup in the croc pot right now. I’m making the soup with a mixed bone broth that has been in the croc pot since Friday afternoon. I used a combo of mostly chicken bones with a few beef and pork bones mixed in. I typically have a zip loc bag in my freezer that I’ll throw bones in after dinner and sometimes other veggies scraps. When the bag gets full, I toss it all in the croc pot and let it simmer until I feel it’s “right”. I also added about 30 g of bacon to it to give a little smokey flavor because I couldn’t find the type of meat I wanted at Trader Joe’s for it. Regardless, it should be tasty because of the rich bone broth used and sauteed onion, carrots, leeks, celery and garlic I tossed in as well.
    02/17 116.2
    02/18 It has been a crazy week. Work has been a bit stressful. I thankfully got my second dose of the vaccine, but had some effects so I laid low for a day. Then, yesterday I had a busy work day and running around afterwards. My food has been pretty good luckily, just maybe high on sodium and carbs(possible reason for the uptick). Tuesday, all I ate were crackers, fruit, and then Thai Tom Kha soup with a little bit of rice noodles and sticky rice with mango. Tuesday I had a post vaccine fever and when I have a fever all I want is light food and my husband offered to pick up Thai on his way home for dinner and I took him up on it. Last night I grabbed us sandwiches for dinner but was still able to stay within a 100 calorie deficit. Sleep was weird last night which made me hungry for breakfast a lot earlier than normal. I’m rambling now but I will catch up on people’s posts this weekend. Holy moly I just noticed the end of the round is this weekend. When did that happen?!?
    02/19 115.4 This is a nice number. I think this will be the first round in a while where I have a loss 😊. My happy scale app is finally in green again and in a downward trend! This number is making me want to just eat my leftovers from dinner last night and not get takeout tonight. This progress is very motivating for me.
    02/20 115.6 I’ll happily take this to end the round. We’re getting take out tonight, so we shall see what happens tomorrow. 1.2 lb loss since the last day of the last round.
    02/11 Grateful that everything is rolling along for our basement renovation and found out today that it shouldn’t take as long as expected. We are still putting in some cushion with our timeline, but this is all very exciting!
    02/12 I’m grateful for my physical therapist that I’m heading to see in a few minutes. She has made such a difference for me! I did a quick 20 minute yoga session this morning and plan to do a 30 minute spin bike ride this afternoon.
    02/13 Was able to do a 45 minute spin bike ride and nice long heart opening vinyasa yoga video yesterday afternoon. I also did more hip and pelvic floor stretches after, which felt so good!
    02/14 I love my husband! We are having a lazy day because he got his 2nd dose of the vaccine and just feels a bit weird/off. Today I plan to do some yoga but I’m not sure what length of time I’m in the mood for.
    02/15 Yoga and spin bike for 20 minutes.
    02/16 Grateful for the second dose of the covid vaccine and my not so fun natural immune response to it. No exercise today though.
    02/18 Got in some yoga this morning plan to ride the bike at some point.
    02/19 So grateful for my supervisor at work. Did a bit of yoga this morning and plan to use the bike later today. I was able to get a 45 minutes ride in yesterday.
    02/20 Grateful for walks in the woods after a fresh snow fall. My husband and I went for a nice 4-5 mile walk this morning and got semi lost.

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    192.5 up 2 lbs for the round. It was an unusual drop at the beginning of the round time to move on