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Whenever I eat a packaged food, should I trust the calorie count?

gpanda103gpanda103 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
For example, I eat a lot of smart cakes. The label says 76 calories. However, when you 449 it out, it comes out to a higher number. Which number should I track?


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    Answered in your other thread. Did you realized you posted two?
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    Carb/Prot/Fat calories per gram

    New term there - wonder where that came from.

    Also to OP.
    Weigh what was actually in the package you ate the whole thing of, and divide by serving size gram weight.
    That is going to likely have an error in it and not be a nice round number.

    "ya, me and the guys from the gym were having a lunch together, and we all started 449'ing our salad fixins to see if we hit our macros, and ....."

    Ya - I'm not seeing that happening.
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