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  • podperson1
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    Hi all,

    We're a little quiet in here this week - hope everyone is ok and just off being fabulous :D

    @ljdanny - I agree that having a child around can be exercise in itself! I'm not sure how old your granddaughter is but is she able to join in with some exercise with you? I know when I do my zoom zumba a couple of the women have little kids joining in - they're more jumping around like crazy things to the music than actually following anything but they seem to have fun :) Also there's some actual kid-focused vids (there's a fun-looking one where it's like Disney princess yoga, they follow a story as they do basic yoga positions) that you could maybe do together? Plus it might have the double bonus of getting you some exercise in and burning off some of her excess energy lol

    @KUMEcyclingteam - sounds like you are doing fab and totally reflected on the scales :)

    @vvlucky - welcome! Sounds like you already have some great exercise routines going on. Herniated disc sounds painful so good that you're being careful of your limits, I have had sciatica and back issues in the past and did find that doing core strengthening exercises often helped a lot.

    @dbrinkmeyer - really glad to hear your daughter is doing better. I find that stress and lack of sleep affect my weight more than anything else, so don't be too hard on yourself about the scales.

    Am doing pretty well so far this week - just need not to muck it all up as it comes into weekend :D Food has been on track, need to get more exercise in. My zumba instructor, who has been doing zoom sessions all through lockdown, has started doing an outdoor class so hoping to try and get to that at some point. I do live in Scotland so might be a little weather dependent lol!
  • lennoncpa
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    Hello team and Happy Saturday. I've been unable to login to MFP through my phone - so no Sunny pictures. But here are my stats:

    Weigh in - Friday
    Previous 135.6
    Yesterday 136.6
    Weekly steps 64,240

    I totally forgot what day of the week it was. Are any of you having the same problem - where every day seems to be just another day!!!!!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    You have a new member heading your way ...Please welcome @cldvermont or @Chelseadubie :) (this person put 2 different names when signing up ..I have asked for clarification )
  • goingape
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    Weigh in for goingape

    Pw 149.4
    Cw 147.6
    Loss of 1.8
    Feeling good about this. Hope u all are having a great weekend. Welcome new members!
  • hope002
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    PW 186.7
    CW 189.6
  • annliz23
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    Pw 123
    CW 123
    Sun - 12,710
    Mon - 11,396
    Tues - 12,523
    Wed - 14,633
    Thu - 13,907
    Fr I- 12,327
    Sat - 15,127

    A good week for walks!
  • jugar
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    You have a new member heading your way ...Please welcome @cldvermont or @Chelseadubie :) (this person put 2 different names when signing up ..I have asked for clarification )

    CONFIRMED as @cldvermont
  • jugar
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