What do u tell yourself when u dont feel like exercising?



  • buddy352
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    I have learned from reading David Goggin's book, "can't hurt me". He says, motivation is fleeting, discipline wins the day. I walk every day not from motivation but because I am disciplined. I'm a walker, it's what I do. No motivation needed. I just do. It has worked for me. Good luck and Godbless!
  • wunderkindking
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    I tell myself to put my shoes on and at least go stand outside for air.

    By the time I've done that I've got momentum instead of inertia and I almost always just do the thing.
  • NorthCascades
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    If I don't feel like exercising, I don't. Today I spent about 2.5 hours doing cardio: bike ride and a short hike. Beautiful sunny day. I do a mood of exercise because I enjoy it. So if I'm not feeling it, that's my body asking for a rest day.
  • vanmep
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    “You don’t have to work out, you GET TO.”

    Love this. About 17 years ago I had cardiac surgery after a medical emergency. I have lived a pretty healthy active life since then. Last year I had a stroke and was complaining to the neurologist that in spite of my healthy lifestyle, I still had this happen. She pointed out that after a cardiac event, most people have a recurrence within 7 years, but for me it had been 17. That has really stuck with me and helped me to feel the absolute privilege and the real life impact of managing my own health.