Women 200lb+, Let's Amaze Ourselves This April!!!



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    @sarahelton87 fantastic loss well done
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    SW (Jan 2021): 219.6
    HT: 5'4
    Age: 48

    Friday Weigh-in
    April 2: 196.2 - Down .8lbs
    April 9: 197.4 - Up 1.2
    April 16: 195.2 - Down 2.2
    April 23: 194.2 - Down 1
    April 30: 193.6 - Down .6

    Thoughts: Great month overall. I do need to up my exercise, but I have just not been been feeling like it. I'll walk, but that's primarily it, and I KNOW I should be doing so much more. Starting IF this week to support a friend doing it. Fingers crossed it goes well.
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    I just found this board and it is so inspiring to see people with similar stats having success!

    Age: 38
    Height 5'10"
    SW Jan 2021: 271.1
    SW this month: 246.6
    GW this month: 236.0
    GW for 2021: 199

    4/2: 245.0
    4/9: 242.6
    4/16: 239.6
    4/23: 237.2
    4/30: 234.4 - I did great while on vacation! Made good choices for food and got more walking in.

    So proud of myself for continuing this journey!
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    Name: Jessica
    Age: 38
    Height: 5' 6"
    SW: 238.4 (5/10/16)
    GW: 190
    April GW: 226

    Weight tracking:
    Start Apr 1: 235.8
    WK 1 Apr 5: 234.9 (-0.9)
    WK 2 Apr 12: 231.4 (-3.5)
    WK 3 Apr 19: 229.4 (-2.0)
    WK 4 Apr 27: 227.8 (-1.6)
    Finish Apr 30: 229.0 (+1.2)

    Well I didn’t end the month with a positive attitude. On Mon I realized that my goal was a little unrealistic, even though there are "5weeks" in April it was still just 30 days. Then I was watching something that started to talk about kitkats (my favorite candy) and all I could think about way them. I had a couple of days off uncontrolled eating but yesterday afternoon my friend and I made new goals for the weekend and I'm back in control. Ready to go fine the may post and get ready for a new month.
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    Hi 👋 new. Just finished another challenge group. My regular goals are to drink 48oz of water a day, eat a fruit, eat a veg, and stay under calories. I walk for for 30 minutes a minimum of twice a week. I also do yoga once a week and strength train twice a week. April was okay for me. I had a few tough weeks where I was making more excuses then I should. I like to exercise but I really struggle with the food. Also I can get into the trap of staying under calories but eating subway etc. Out which isn't good for my high BP or wallet.😅. Killed it on weightlifting this week though. Was able to increase all my weights after deloading last week.

    BTW @trinati2001 I've seen those KitKat commercials. There really upping their marketing game recently. 😄
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    Age: 32
    Height: 5'7
    Cw: 209.8
    Gw: 199