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What is my body type?



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    Handoka23 wrote: »
    Thank you both! You are so kind really ❤️

    It’s not instagram that got me interested but a friend of mine mentioned that i have a banana body shape and that i have no curves on my body so i started reading about body shapes to know what does banana mean. I am middle eastern so curvy bodies are a huge thing in my culture and i felt insecure when i learned that hourglass body shapes are the ideal. Before this conversation with my friend i never thought about what my body looks like but now i feel like i want to gain weight to get a “thick body”

    The ideal body is one that is healthy and that you feel comfortable in. It's that simple.

    What others say about shapes and sizes is usually nonsense based on whatever fashion trends are happening on a given period, fueled by influencers, instagramers, magazines, that sort of thing. I'm 49, and I vividly remember when the "heroin-chic" look in the early 90s was a thing. Now it looks like most girls want to have a Kardashian butt (or whatever trend is happening at the moment, I could very well have been outdated already). People are not meant to change their body every year just to keep up with the latest trends.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your fitness and tweak this or that, and I agree with others that recomp could be a good idea. But you also need to consider your genetics - there is only so much you can change.
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