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I am a new Premium Member

heartbreathliving2013heartbreathliving2013 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
Hello My Fitness Pal team! I enrolled in the premium subscription 3/24/2021. I have been actively working with a nutritionist since 8/25/2020. I very much enjoy logging into the app, there have been some challenges every so often, but generally things have gone ok. My issue today, I am trying to retrieve all of my content since I started 8/25/2020. The platform only goes back to a mid September point. I am missing other content. Also, I am not seeing any of the pictures I posted going back to about January 2021. I am happy to extend my premium membership, however, I would very much like to retrieve this information. Working on the app has become a combination of a journaling and a scrapebooking type of experience. I would be disappointed if I was unable to retrieve this information..
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