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hikejohikejo Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member
I used MPF concurrent with Noom for a year because I was curious how my diet on Noom looked in MPF. I lost 60 pounds (and had vast improvement in lipid panel and a1c) and have maintained that loss for more than a year. Currently, I'm only using MFP. There is a feature I wish were implemented: the user could assign 3 values of their own choice to any food (red, yellow, green; free, control, limit; hi, med, lo; whatever...). It would allow the user to see at a glance how their day was shaping up (too many red foods, generous amount of green foods, etc.). Maybe it could use existing structures within the app somehow...don't know. It would be useful and I don't think it would create proprietary issues since it would be user defined.


  • vandermudevandermude Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    Feature suggestion: Please, please, please bring back the separate tabs for "Most Frequent" and "Most Recent" foods. It is a big pain in the but to have to select "sort and Filter", select one of these two choices, then hit the check button. You used to have these two choices as two different tabs. So much easier to navigate!
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