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paulhazellpluspaulhazellplus Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Dear Sir or Madam,

First and foremost, thank you. I have been using MFP for a couple of years now and it has helped me reach my goals and has probably added years on to my life by making me more aware of my nutrition habits. While I am not a premium customer, I hope you will allow me to offer some feedback/suggestions for improvement to the MFP Android app and online account. With nutrition in mind and from my experience of logging food items, meals, and recipes, they are:

1) Make all items automatically offer serving sizes of 1 gram and 1 teaspoon. This will make logging easier, especially for those of us who use food scales, and will cause less frustration when manufacturers alter products.

2) Add a check box in Report Food that says something like "shared barcode." This will help when you have different varieties of a product packaged together, each with different nutritional values, and you are trying to log a particular one. With this function, when scanning, instead of the app pulling up one variety, it might present you with all the varieties reported as sharing that barcode.

3) Add a check box in Report Food that allows you to indicate whether the item was bought at a supermarket/retail store or at a wholesale/bulk club. Strangely, the same item sometimes has different nutritional values, depending on if it is sold alone or as part of a bulk pack. Like the above, when scanning, instead of the app pulling up one source, it might present you with different versions of the item based upon its point of sale.

4) Add a check box in Report Food that says something like "New Formulation" and allows you to input the date. I have noticed that over the years the micronutrient, and sometimes even the macronutrient, values of a particular item changes. Unless you constantly reviewing this, you might end up eating differently than what you think you have according to the your Diary entries.

5) Similar to how the Diary has alert lines for exceeding fat, sodium, carbohydrate and sugar, etc., recommended limits, you should add one for cholesterol. As you likely already know, the links between cholesterol and chronic heart disease as well as other health problems have been studied and reported for decades. While there may have been some changes over the years, the basic need to limit intake has remained.

6) Make it possible to more easily edit My Foods. Ideally, one would be able to download their list as a CSV file, or otherwise have view/sorting options similar to what one typically has via Windows File Explorer. This will allow users to weed out items they know they no longer will need and make searching through their lists quicker.

Again, thanks. This app has been a game - life, actually - changer.

Paul Hazell


  • g2renewg2renew Member Posts: 79 Member Member Posts: 79 Member
    Love MFP! It has been a super tool for my weight loss/health journey.

    Please consider having the foods we eat be able to be arranged in alphabetical order. It will be much easier to find.

    Also, some of the UK and US calories, size, etc are different for the same foods (specifically food from chains, like McDonalds). If we could designate whether food count is UK or US, it would be helpful when selecting foods that have been verified. Perhaps it will also keep us from 'correcting' a food count unnecessarily,)

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