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    I think it may be harder when you have 10-15 lbs to lose - I have 80+ I need to lose. But my pattern has been the same - lose some, gain it back. My daughter and I recently started CrossFit - they gave us a strict meal plan to follow for 8 weeks. It consisted of a balance of protein / carb / veggie (yes, vegetables are carbs, but it is separated for these purposes of getting your body on a healthy track) - that was breakfast and lunch, dinner is protein / fat / veggies. And their motto is to eliminate before you moderate. I've done Weight Watchers - where they encourage you to moderate to stick with the plan. For me, the eliminate was much more effective because I lost the desire for sweets. I was able to stick with it strictly for 4 weeks (then the month of birthdays hit), but still maintained and didn't regain the 12 pounds that i had lost in those 4 weeks.
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    amioc wrote: »
    I have been trying to loose weight now for 3 years. My goal is to go from a uk size 10 to a uk size 8 without having to squeeze into them 😕 so probably need to loose around 12lbs ish maybe a bit less.
    My problem is I don’t stick to anything. I’ll loose like 6lbs and then gain it all back sometimes more. I can’t stick to healthy eating for long. Food is definitely my biggest problem. I joined the gym a year and a half ago and loved it but since COVID hit I haven’t been much at all because of lockdowns. I couldn’t get in to the whole exercise at home. I’m really struggling mentally because I hate to way I look and the past few summers I’ve felt so uncomfortable and I promise myself that next summer I will be at my goal but it never happened 😕. Is there time to get near my goal by June?
    So I’m hoping to get advice and tips as to how anybody started out on there journey? How much did you cut out in the beginning? How do you still manage to maintaining/loosing weight?
    I’d be so grateful to anyone that could help me ☺️. Sorry for such a long post!

    "My problem is I don’t stick to anything."

    Hi, this for me seems to be the biggest problem. Consistency is the key, along with diet. There is no mention of calories in/out.

    I have restarted my journey from years ago. I am in week 3 of exercise and tracking calories. This is what I have done:

    - I do cardio on my stationary bike and started off with 1 class. After 3 days, I added another class. I do it daily, religiously. Exercise isn't just for weight loss, it's for the high I get from exercising. It lasts all day.
    - I stick to my calories from MFP and track daily. Personally I do lose eat back my exercise calories, because according to my Peloton, 55 minutes of cardio with 2 classes means I burn 1000 calories (dubious!) but I will not eat that back. But I have a bit of a cushion if I am hungry. But I always end the day with a deficit.
    - on off days, I go for a walk for 30 minutes, brisk.
    - each week I journal about what I realized the week before, and make course corrections.
    - I cut out bulky carb stuff like pasta.
    - Every time I get a hunger pang I ask myself if I am really hungry or if there is something else (stress, emotional eating, trigger, etc).
    - I try to sleep as much as I can every night. Fail more times, but I still try. Up early, too.
    - I do not see exercise as the means to an end. The benefits that HIIT, etc bring outweighs the long term gains which I am sure exist.

    I would look at why you cannot stick to healthy eating for long, maybe dig deep.

    I am down 4 pounds my first week. I will continue and take things on a week by week basis. At some point I will introduce strength training to mix it up.

    Go walking daily. Pack podcasts and listen to music.

    Get rid of the goal. If you can't be consistent you will fall back on feeling badly about not meeting it and it will sabotage you :(

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    INTERMITTENT FASTING....Not for weight loss but for CONTROL. I'm doing the same thing and it has helped tremendously. Perspective: I am a mom of 3 in medical school. My children are 4,5 and 6. So when I tell you that IF and then implementing calorie restriction during your eating window are pure gold in getting started I don't say it lightly. I am under a lot of stress and just prohibiting myself in this way has given me so much confidence in my ability to control my own "hunger." Don't be afraid that it won't work. Because your body will adjust and you won't feel the same level of hunger after a couple of days. You don't lack will power, you lack self- control. Think about it for a moment. Download the Zero app in addition to this one and take back your life. You can do it.
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    So much good input on this thread! I have found most of the MFP group to be well-informed and very willing to share:-) There are so many ideas on eating trends, that I will share some of what is working for me and may be usable regardless of which 'plan' you choose to follow:

    Education first:-). Then implementation. I am learning more everyday!

    -What are you eating now (calories, fat, protein, carbs-low starch and high starch) and how much you will need of each to get to your goal? What foods/drinks contain most/least of what you want/don't want in your diet? Example: Look at glycemic index and load charts if 'sugar' is an issue for you and make a list of foods that will help you get to your goal. If your issue is with fats- google a list of good fats and replace the bad ones.

    -Do you want to use exercise to reshape/tone/strengthen your body or is your goal just 'lose weight/size? Determine if you want/like cardio or strength or a mix. Personally, I like free weights and walking- no gym needed.

    -Are you most interested in 'hitting goal' quickly/easily or making a lifestyle change that is a 'forever' thing?

    My answers were:

    -I was eating WAY too much sugar/high starch/processed foods, too little green leafy veg, and not anywhere close to enough protein-so I changed that.

    -My ability to exercise is limited, but I do what I can with weights (even body weight/resistance) and walking to strengthen my body.

    -Personally, I set my calorie goal at a range of 1500-1800 calories a day, and try to stay within that range. If I go over or under goal a day during the week, I don't sweat it: the very next day is a brand new chance to see how well I can do. This gives me 'wiggle room' (as an 'all or nothing' sort of gal, this is a change in thinking for me), and allows me to lose .5lb per week while I have enough to eat to keep my satiety level high. I.e, Since I removed processed foods/added sugars mostly from my foods, I eat plenty of whole foods with healthy fats. This way, I do not get so hungry that I 'chuck it all' and decide I have 'failed again'. I figure I did not get overweight overnight, so I am not going to reach goal immediately either.

    Determining at the outset that I was going to make a lifestyle change has helped. You will hear often that 'weight loss is not linear' a lot because it is true. But my weight trend is downward! The reports and tracking weight and measurement on this site, as well as food -calories and macros- give me a visual comparison of how well I am doing compared to how not well I WAS doing:-). My thinking now is 'weekly', rather than 'daily'.

    To answer your question of whether you can make your goal of 12lbs down by this June: Yes, but it may be easier to see how close you can get to your goal by then. We have 4 weeks left til June 1. 3lbs per week is a little strenuous, which may make it harder for you to stay focused/consistent. May I suggest trying for 1lb per week as your goal? Then, as you find yourself gaining momentum toward your goal, you can tighten up, if you wish. Consider this: If you set goal at losing 1lb per week, you can still reach your goal by August-enough time to show off a new swimsuit body at the beach! And the journey there will have been much easier:-).

    I am 65 or 66 days into using MFP and enjoy seeing the results on paper. It is harder for me to see them in the mirror (I have lost about 22lbs from Feb 2020 to date, with most of that since Feb 22 this year), but measurements and track record help me stay motivated and see what I can improve.

    Final thought: Use MFP members and the blogs to help-motivation, guidance, support-when you need it. We either have been or are in the same boat or a similar one:-) Best wishes!
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    Please put some thought to stress control, too. Meditation and getting enough sleep have done so much for me on the psychological side of weight loss. There's so much more to changing old habits....
  • troyrodeheaver1troyrodeheaver1 Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member
    You can answer shop as much as you want to, but it boils down to mindset, discipline, and consistency. You can do it.
  • amiocamioc Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member
    There are so many great suggestions here. I will add, sometimes accountability helps. You could hire a trainer or find a workout buddy. I would be happy to be your accountability partner. I need one as well. We could check in on each other?

    Yes please 😊 I would love that 💕
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