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  • kandi3570
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    @debbiewsharpe you will be missed. I love all of your positivity and motivation. But I understand. 😁
  • melaniedscott
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    My apologies on skipping last Saturday. I was too scared to weigh and too embarrassed to post what I weighed. With today’s weight, it looks like I had EVERY reason to be embarrassed/scared. Anyway, here ya go!

    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW (Previous Weight): 173.2
    CW (Current Weight): 175.4

    No fear! We all have fluctuation. This could be the result of higher than normal sodium. My husband LOVES Chinese and pizza. We eat chinese and my weight spikes 4 lbs for 3 days. Paying attention is how we learn to make lasting change.

    And, hey, that's 25lbs less than mine.

    Also, unrelated...am I the only person who finds the new(ish) Charmin campaign deeply disturbing? Blue bears, first. Bears are NOT blue. Second...Bears rubbing TP on their faces. A) ew! B) they wouldn't feel it...the fur would block and feeling in that regard. C) EW! And, lastly, Enjoy the Go. Really?! That's your slogan? Sqwick!

    Sorry. Candy Crush just played the comnercial again. So disturbing.
  • TeresaW1020
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    WEEK FOUR CHALLENGE: SELF-CARE is up and ready for you!! :)


  • pacsnc6
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    Was just looking at my "Habit Tracker" goals for the month and surprised myself how many days I hit the number for protein. Also the number of days I beat the step count. Pleasantly surprised!
    I had another dose of Keytruda on Thursday - hopefully getting closer to ending this journey through cancer. The next scan is a month away and I am hoping to hear the cancer is gone or so close to it (it was 90% or more reduced after the last scan).I am feeling good and eating whatever I want. Yes, I am trying to keep it healthy so I can maintain my weight - though it does vary a few pounds each month. I am working on that!
  • jugar
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    1st @KHill875 1.93%
    2nd @roz0810 1.90%
    3rd @Aqualang26 1.88%

    1st @roz0810 4.8
    2nd @888Angie888 - @ashleycarole86 - @CharmingPassion all tied at 3.8
    3rd @Aqualang26 - @rwood566 tied at 3.6


  • annliz23
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    Weight on day
    PW 123
    CW 123

    Sun - 9,952
    Mon - 13,043
    Tue -3,416
    Wed - 18,028
    Thu- 13,165
    Fri -4,063
    Sat -13,317
  • goingape
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    Apologies. My weigh in for Thai week.
    Pw 155
    Cw 158
  • pacsnc6
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    Step count
    5/16 - 5355
    5/17 - 6198
    5/18 - 6372
    5/19 - 6923
    5/20 - 8720
    5/21 - 8259
    5/22 - 7855

    Took several short walks this week
  • ljdanny
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    Sun- 15,263
    Mon- 9 455
    Tues- 11,879
    Wed- 10,438
    Thurs- 9,734
    Fri- 9,642
    Sat- 3,455
  • ljdanny
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    We went camping this weekend. We had a great time. Went kayaking, that was a lot of fun so I didnt get too many steps in. Didn't drink that much which I was proud of myself. May do it again soon. Our pool should be open for this coming weekend. My granddaughter has already been trying to get in it, she doesn't care if its dirty. She is having the best time. We have a hottub that attaches to the pool and it has an insert that turns it into a kiddie pool so she went crazy today. She's 1 1/2 and I'm sure we will find her jumping off the diving board. My friend gave me a floatie for her. Should be a great summer.
  • KristieJC
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    @ljdanny i love kayaking! I try to go every weekend but this weekend got rained out 🙄
  • cldvermont
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    Hi there! Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

    Weigh-in day: Sunday
    SW: 182.2
    PW: 178.2
    CW: 177.0
    Net loss = 1.2 lbs
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    You have a return-comer heading your way .... Please welcome @twyla77 :)
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    @debbiewsharpe -

    So sad to see you go. You've always been such a great source of light and motivation for this group. If you ever need anything from us, anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask. And, obviously, you are welcome back at any time. You'll surely be missed.

    Congrats to our Winners from Last Week!:

    @twyla77 -

    Welcome back! Think I remember seeing you around these parts at the end of summer last year - so glad to have you with us again! Things haven't changed too much, but there are some lovely new folks to meet. Can't wait to get to know you all over again :heart:
  • bumpbreakcar
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    Weigh In Day: Sunday’s
    PW (Previous Weight): 133.4
    CW (Current Weight): 134.4
  • kandi3570
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    I just had my latest favorite meal. Raw veggies with ranch and chicken with peach, pineapple, chipotle salsa with some mozzerella. 451 calories. It’s not crazy hot here today. But again the only thing that sounded good. My garden is in and growing from the rain today. I’m excited to get some of my own veggies. I tried something new this year too I planted watermelon on a little hill in the back of my garden. So it doesn’t choke out my other plants. There’s nothing better than fresh zucchini green pepper and onions. All of my flowers beds are done. I’m just waiting on the final roof fix so I can finish my back patio.
  • twyla77
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    Hi! Thanks for letting me come back to the team!
    Can't wait to get to reconnect with those who were here before, and get to know all the new (to me) names and faces!
  • Just_Kisha
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    Weigh In Day: Monday
    SW: 167.2 - March 16th
    PW: 151.4
    CW: 152.8
    LTD: 14.4
  • melaniedscott
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    Just realized I didn't post steps for Sat: 3,125.

    I'm really not walking enough, as is evidenced by my low steps...part of that the last week has been the rain. It has rained most every day for the past 9...10? days. The ground is saturated. Weeding Sunday was interesting.

    Heading into one of the two busiest times of the year for help calls & emails at work, so I have to put in extra effort to not sit at my desk all day and try to get an evening walk, too. Walked the graveyard last night, which was nice.

    Is 2:45 am here...don't know why I'm awake...off to try for a bit more shut eye...
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