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Do we intermittently fast already?



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    heybales wrote: »
    heybales wrote: »
    For anyone who says they 'skip' breakfast...technically, breakfast is your first meal whether you eat it in the a.m. or p.m. Whenever your first meal, it is technically Break Fast!!! You can call it lunch, supper or snack, but when your fast ends and you put that first morsel in your mouth it is breaking the fasting period however long that may be. Just a side point to the debate lol

    Yeah and I technically don't do IF because I put milk in my coffee when I wake up and have broken the fast. Because real IF is rigid pseduo-science.

    Also I think everyone here knows that breaking the fast is where calling it breakfast comes from but also know it to typically mean 'morning meal'. It's a cool work though and I like it.

    Can you elaborate.

    I'll comment too - I've heard several podcast interviews, or videos debunking other interviews - where the IF advocate said that anything besides fat (or anything) ruined the true IF and you really broke the fast, ruining all the positive benefits of the IF - which usually had some rather fanciful claims as to extra benefits.

    In one I recall it was about the creamer in the coffee - and the actual blood tests on a few people (no one had the funds to run a study on this with huge group) showed the small amount of protein, fat, and carbs in a little bit of creamer didn't elevate insulin at all, and blood sugar didn't change any more than it does through normal sitting around doing nothing fluctuations.
    Which of course led to what magical thing was IF doing that it stopped doing if it was all about blood sugar and insulin supposedly, and that didn't change.

    These are claims of benefits well beyond study results showing an improvement to insulin resistance in those prone to a problem with it. The pseudoscience claims.

    Good synopsis heybales. IF is really ideal and designed to work with a LCD or a ketogenic diet because a cornerstone of IF is controlling Insulin. If a person is on a LCD or ketogenic diet then insulin management is already in progress and in that respect a person can consume some cream, bone broth, coffee, tea and/or around 500 calories of specific foods (nothing with too much sugar/carbs) without it really effecting a fast. If someone is only using it for a weight loss strategy and consumes a diet which includes lots of carbs and generally eats breakfast and continues with other meals and snacks over the course of a day, pretty much in a continual fed state, then insulin is fairly active all day long. The other cornerstone of IF is fat burning during those hrs of fasting and again if your doing LC then to start utilizing adipose for fuel is quicker. Otherwise that benefit of burning adipose isn't very efficient if your body is still full or using glycogen in muscle and liver and to be totally use up it takes 24-36 hours approx. Basically IF for weight lose for the general population it's about controlling food intake unfortunately that has pretty much no IF benefit, except weight loss, which is fabulous if they can continue but I suspect most won't.

    Muscle-stored glycogen can't be released into the blood stream for use elsewhere, like when the liver is going low.

    As soon as insulin goes down, like 2-4 hrs after an avg meal depending on the spike - your liver can be topped off with carbs and still fat release has occurred and you are back to burning upwards of 90% fat as energy source.
    Your body burns a majority of fat already - it is very adept at switching back to fat burning mode.
    Very efficient even when burning a combo of carbs and fat like during exercise levels.
    Energy source is about rate of use, not if you have carbs available or not.

    Eat 1 big meal later in the day and it is elevated longer.
    It all comes out as a wash if you equate for calories and macros.

    Agreed, the body utilizes all forms of energy over the course of the day including ketones for ATP, it's normal and adaptive, especially for a person that is in energy balance.
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    kshama2001 wrote: »
    I IF 12:12 :lol:

    Me too. I let my body handle all the science stuff. Seems to do a good job without any interference from me...
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