I hit my goal weight! Thanks, I hate it here.



  • psuLemon
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    What i have found, it always takes longer to get the body that you thought you would get. Even at 10 lbs lower than my original goal weight, i still didn't have the body I fully wanted but it did look better. So its probably best to keep losing (after a 2 week diet break), run higher protein (120-150g) and lift.
  • FibroHiker
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    I got really heavy with my first pregnancy and gained 70 pounds at the age of 20. With each subsequent pregnancy I went back up to that high number and then didn't lose the weight right away. After my last child was born I was 60 pounds overweight and decided to do something. I lost that extra weight over 18 months and felt great. I looked great too, but at the time I was 32 years old.

    Since then I have gone up and down on the scale a few times. At the age of 41 I began having health problems that took a while to figure out and I put on about 40 lbs. Last year I lost 22 of those pounds and I keep working on losing more. Now that I am 46, I've noticed that my skin is just different. I seem to lose weight everywhere and elsewhere my skin is fine, but that area where my skin stretched out with pregnancy is not snapping back like it once did.

    I notice how different my thoughts are about plastic surgery now versus when I was younger. At earlier ages I scoffed at any form of surgery. Now, my girlfriends and I talk regularly about getting breast lifts and tummy tucks. We have all been in that situation where we've gained weight and then lost it, only to have our bodies not want to snap back.

    I am going to do like others have suggested here: do more core exercises, try to lose more pounds, reduce inches overall, and keep working on my goal weight. If that doesn't work, a tuck with skin tightening may be in my future.