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Eating less Meat won't save the Planet. Here's Why



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    xrj22 wrote: »
    I think the #'s quoted by the "save the planet" people are slanted one direction, and the # cited in this video are slanted in the other direction. While pointing out errors made by the vegans, they are making their own errors in reasoning. For instance, they say that methane from cows is basically carbon neutral because it is recycled through the grass, which turns it back into oxygen. However, what they fail to point out is that without cows eating the grass, the grass would be a net *producer* of oxygen, and could help to off-set carbon produced by fossil fuels. So, the cows turn land that could be oxygen producing (i.e carbon lowering), and make it carbon neutral.

    Also, this video says that cow don't waste land because they use "marginal" land which can't be farmed. What they don't mention is that cows still *ruin* this land. Without cows, that land would grow much larger and more varied grasses, brush, trees, etc. Which would produce a lot MORE oxygen, not to mention habitat for wildlife, prevent erosion, and trap water in the local eco-system rather than have it run-off to the ocean or evaporate and wind up in the ocean. Once water ends up in the ocean, it is essentially lost to ecology and and wildlife.

    Well, if we're being honest here, the worst thing to happen to our environment has been humans. If you're comparing the damage that cows do to the environment to the damage that humans caused, humans will come out as the bigger villains every time. The environment was likely at it's best before humans came along.

    And to be additionally honest, I wouldn't categorize the damage cows have done as THEIR fault. It's the domestication combined with the concentrations required to maximize profit/meet demand for meat and dairy that's creating the issues. Those were our decisions and actions.
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