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    Beth I am having some of the same problem. We are having a very hot summer and they need extra water. They also like soil neutral or slightly acidic. With all this extra watering I need to feritiize or add more compost to my pots. I think I will try miracid since they like it acidic. I also have pine needles that I could use as mulch. I might try that on one or two pots. They also need one inch of water a week when in the ground so in pots need more just be careful not to get leaves wet. I looked it up if it is your older leaves it is probably because needs fertilizer. There are some good articles on line to help diagnose what the problem is if my suggestions do not seem to fit your problem.
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    Brownies are done will let them cool and plate them for tomorrow..I feel sort of a disconnect from things lately.. i enjoy going out with friends but if i dont have plans i just sort of stay holed up in the condo and dobt do much.. today warm and muggy and dont want to overheat
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    Lisa- I know how you feel, last year when I had the hives I was sent to 4 different clinics and they all did their tests and said they could not find out the cause, in the mean time I was broke out head to toe with big welts and itched. They acted like I did it to myself. I was so pissed, then the one doctor put me on steriods for 30 days and they have been gone ever since. Still no idea what they were from or how to keep them from coming back. Just don't give up and give em-****.

    Heather--Sorry your call did not go well. She knew up front what you were wanting and to try and change things is strange.

    It has been so hot and humid here that I just hate going outside. Working today and then this evening going over to DS's for suppe.. DH is working out of town today and tomorrow. His company put him in a motel for tonight. So just going to be me. DGD is coming over to spend the night and help me with Sunday school tomorrow. I did get a book at the christen book store yesterday that has simple Bible lessons so plan to use that.

    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE B)<3
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    Does anyone remember Dexter Poindexter? He had a popular song called “Hot Hot Hot.” It certainly fits with hot weather we’re getting today and tomorrow. 107 F today, 114 F is predicted for tomorrow, and 115 F on Monday. Yikes! We’re planning to stay as cool as we can. :#
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    So sorry for all of you with heatwaves. I hate it hot. :#:o
    We had one last year, but it's been OK so far this year. I bought a new fan a few months ago, just in case. Very few private houses have AC over here.

    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Well we went to the post-memorial service picnic, which was lovely. Lots of cousins from the next generation that I had trouble remembering. I forgot the bottle of wine I had chilled to bring. The food was simple but quite good, except for the potato chip I tasted which must have been a jalapeno flavor. Surprised me. They had a photo collection playing on the TV. All in all, a lovely family gathering with five generations present. I'm very glad we went.

    I stopped tracking at noon and took a cheat day. I'm mad at my diet for its unpredictable response.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Heatwave memory from the long ago past— We lived in Salem, Oregon near State Street. Mom and I walked about a mile +|~ to the nearest grocery store. I was 6 or 7. She bought eggs. On the way home she stopped on the sidewalk and broke an egg on it. The egg fried itself. After watching it fry on the hot concrete we went on home. It may be hot enough here to fry eggs on the sidewalk today or tomorrow. I’ll pass on sidewalk egg frying and stay in our air conditioned home. ☀️💥☀️💥
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    Katla, Barbie, Rebecca, and others in the PNW- I am just stunned by the heat that you are getting in your area! Do you ever remember having such a stretch of hot weather? My cousin lives near Washougal and says the heat has been crazy! Hang in there and keep cool!

    No! This is the first stretch of temps we’ve had like this in Seattle. We are breaking records right now. I’m in my living room wearing a tank top and underwear. It’s supposed to be hotter Sunday and Monday too. Dang it.

    Enjoy your vacation!
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    Thank you, Margaret! Will be giving the zukes fertilizer tomorrow!
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    Did 10 Minute Trainer DVD today and part of Cathe Low Impact HIIT DVD then went for a walk. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Cool It Off DVD

    What did the people who lived in FL do before air conditioning was invented????

    Lisa – feel better fast. Love how you said “cranium out of my posterior”. You have a way with words

    Should be in the 80’a all week so I’ll probably be in the pool just about every day. Need to go to the farmer’s market. They’re having this medicine drop off where you can take expired/unneeded pills. Then church tonight

    After the farmer’s market where I got peaches (I got a $5 token for bringing the medication) only I asked if they were cling free and the guy told me they were. I got home and had one, and it wasn’t! I hate being lied to. Then I stopped at the Salvation Army and got another exercise DVD (like I need more)

    Got dinner ready to be microwaved.

    Heather – I’m sorry the German person didn’t work out. You are smart to listen to your gut

    Beautiful weather today. I was in the pool most of the day. Vince said that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow...I say “I’ll believe it when the water is falling out of the sky”. I’ll probably go for a walk tonight. Needing to get ready for church in a few.

    Went for a walk tonight then put my feet in the spa while playing mahjongg online

    Michele NC
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    bwcetc wrote: »
    Question ladies .... I have been on statins for several years for what my doctor considers high cholesterol (190 -220 while on statins). I am not in agreement with my doctor. I believe that cholesterol is necessary for brain health. Anyways, I have finally convinced my doctor to take me off statins for a while and see what I can accomplish with diet/exercise alone. So here's the question ... do you have any recommendations diet wise to assist in keeping cholesterol within normal tolerances? It wasn't too long ago, for example, that my cholesterol was in the 160s ... and I also ate oatmeal everyday. (I'm making a pot of steel cut oats as I type).

    Beth near Buffalo

    Cholesterol - healthy eating tips

    I quote from a portion of that article ...

    The Heart Foundation recommends:

    Plenty of vegetables, fruits and wholegrains.
    A variety of healthy protein sources (especially fish and seafood), legumes (such as beans and lentils), nuts and seeds. Smaller amounts of eggs and lean poultry can also be included in a heart healthy diet. If choosing red meat, make sure it is lean and limit to 1-3 times a week.
    Unflavoured milk, yoghurt and cheese. Those with high blood cholesterol should choose reduced fat varieties.
    Healthy fat choices – nuts, seeds, avocados, olives and their oils for cooking
    Herbs and spices to flavour foods, instead of adding salt.

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    Machka9, Your photos are beautiful! Where are you running? I dream of going there.


    Near my home in Tasmania. :)
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    What did the people who lived in FL do before air conditioning was invented????

    Michele NC

    They built the big houses with a front and back door opposite each other and sometimes a cupola on top which would help suck the hot air upward. Old houses here are often built that way, with the front and back doors opposite each other.

    In Queensland, they had Queenslanders which were raised up off the ground. That was for protection against flooding and snakes, but also helped cool the places.

    And here's an article with more ...

    5 Ways Homes Were Designed To Stay Cool Before Air Conditioning

    In Tasmania, I am of the opinion that if houses were insulated like they are on the Canadian Prairies, we wouldn't need heaters or air conditioning. If I were building a house here, that's what I'd do.

    And I am envious of all the heat. We so rarely get anything like it here and I miss it. Of course it's winter now and I won't see even a few minutes of heat for another 6 months.

    Machka in Oz
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    8 PM. Outside temp 93.2 F. Luckily we have air conditioning. Our doors are closed and curtains down. Tomorrow is predicted to reach 114 F. That is well beyond anything I can remember.