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    Had a good weigh in and leaving June 4.4 pounds lighter than I started and I will claim it. So much stress at work and I can feel it flowing over to over things. I just wish people would just do their job. Sorry having a really off day. So looking forward to the new month.

    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE <3
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    Katla I will move planta indoors temporarily when it gets too hot or cold for them. Fushia is a plant that like lots of water and cooler. Pansies are the same. Glad to hear cooler for you .
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    It was official wi day yesterday, down .2 of a pound, but just checked where I started at the beginning of June and I am down 2.2 lbs! Very excited! Now just need to keep it up.... I have started riding my bike to work more, was not looking forward to riding home in the awful heat that we just had, so had the brilliant idea for hubby to come and pick me and the bike up on Fri and Sat. I was able to have a nice ride in the morning, and not die on the way home. Our heat wave has broken, so nice to have windows and doors open! Did some digging in the dirt this morning, had to tie up some gladiolas, they are actually going to bloom for me this year! Last year, I think two bloomed, this year, it's closer to a dozen! I have about 40..... Oh well, it is what it is. Some really pretty purple ones have already started, one broke off so I brought it in stuck it in some water and it is opening up quite nicely. I had bought a coleus early this summer and it had a broken stem, I decided to throw it in some water and see if it would root and boy did it!! I planted it in a basket of pansies.
    My heart goes out to those who are having family problems, be they from spouses, siblings or children.
    I must run, have an electrolysis appointment soon.
    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, on temperate Vancouver Island
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    Anyone seen Barbara, the South Oregon coastie AHMOD? She's not dropped in here for four days, and that's most unusual.
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    :) It's time to start the new thread for July. Here is the link:
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    🥂🍾🥂Happy birthday Allie 🥂🍾🥂