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  • MadisonMolly2017
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    Plant positive thoughts and nurture them to fruition.

    I am in the fortunate position that I am living the dreams I had in my youth.

    DH and I worked and planned this all our married life.

    Tomorrow we celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary.
    We hope to celebrate many more.

    Poetry is my passion, creation is one of the my pleasures in my life.


    💫✨🌟 May you have a Stellar Saturday 🌟✨💫

    I love your poem, @TerriRichardson112 ! Thank you for sharing it! And thank you for all your supportive comments!
    @MadisonMolly2017 when I was in 6th grade, I had the most important teacher of my life, Mr Rhoades. He would read books aloud; challenged us to read and to write creatively.
    One time he asks to write something to our future adult selves-to-be. I wrote a letter to me that asked that I not let die the child-side of then-me and to become someone that my 6th grade self would enjoy being with.
    That has been an important encouragement to me as an adult. I love to laugh with others and to be an encouragement to them.
    Thanks for asking!

    I had my students write letters to their future selves! I’m in the process of mailing those letters to them!!!!

    The letter you wrote as a 6th grader is so profound - and rare. No surprise, as you are both.
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    My hope for today’s post was you might identify something you wanted to do, and just begin a small baby step towards it.

    In 2015, I remembered I always loved creative writing. I spent my train rides each day (about 15 mins & time waiting for the train) writing a novel.

    In March of this year, I committed to creating some art each day.

    So, for today’s post. I decided to draw, sketch, paint, embroider etc my own plants in my yard. I do this after dinner for 10 minutes. Very relaxing. Day 2’s drawings went significantly better than Day 1.

    (In the past I took photos on my walks, but I decided really getting to know the life in my very own yard would Foster both my drawing abilities AND my profound love of nature.)

    My brain is ticking - perhaps I can teach art making out in nature…and raise funds to rebuild my favorite park that burned horribly last summer.

    By beginning, I may have figured out a way to make more of an impact.

    It’s a start!
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    Pass day 6
  • TerriRichardson112
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    @MaltedTea - I love your preschool ambition. When I was a child all I wanted to do was draw and write. My parents did their best to knock it out of me, but never really succeeded. My art and literature has always brought me great pleasure and enjoyment no matter what else was happening. Protein is a great personal bonus to aim for. I find that it is one of the most difficult ones to achieve. That's why I keep high protein low calorie natural foods in my freezer/Store cupboard, ready for when I need them.
    @TwistedSassette - Don't be too hard on yourself. You will get the hang of it, and will reach the Winners Circle. In the meantime you can still be a Champion if you login every day. Often our dreams change over time. If you are happy in the job that you're doing, then you've been successful.
    @victorious55 - Bravo! 19 days nut free. I can certainly empathise with you. Nuts are one of those things that you just have to be very careful with.
    @MadisonMolly2017 - Creativity always sparks more creativity in the brain. I'm sure you will find a way to work out what you're going to do with your talent.
    @Jana_2020 - Kudos for sticking with us. You are sure to be a Champion this Month.

    Definitely signing off for this week, but will be cheering you on again next Saturday.

    Have a great week.
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    July 24th:
    :frowning: Tracked all my calories
    :frowning: Stayed under calorie goal
    :frowning: Exercised more than 20 mins

    9/24 days (started July 12th, so 9/13 days from when I started)
    4/3 pass days used

    Didn't have a great day, and got lazy. Back on track tomorrow.

    @TwistedSassette we all have days like that. No worries! We all have days like that. Good for you for getting RIGHT back to it and not letting a "bad day" turn into a "bad week" or worse!! :smile:
  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    Thanks @TerriRichardson112 for all of your comments, wisdom, and for your inspiring, beautiful poem! :love:
    Thanks for sharing it with us and I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! I appreciate you!! :blush:
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    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? yes
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? no
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? yes
    • Walk: 4.0 mi
    Passes used: 3/3
    Apple rings closed: 24/31
  • fourathomej
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    JULY 24

    Exercised: Yes - 75 km bike
    Calories: Yes
    Tracked: Yes

    2/3 Pass Days Used
  • oh_jackie
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    JUL 17-24 - Pass days
    T ❎ | C ❔ | E ✅ [> 20 min walk]