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What’s your pet hate at the gym?



  • NoLimitFemme
    NoLimitFemme Posts: 118 Member
    I live in IL where certain substances are now legal. Theres a group that like to partake in their car immediately before entering the gym. It smells the entire lobby and work area up for hours. 🤢🤢🤢
  • zillah73
    zillah73 Posts: 543 Member
    People who occupy equipment while exercising nothing but their thumbs on their mobile phones (if you have been sitting there for 12 minutes you are not "resting between sets".

    Out-loud phone conversations or music (nobody wants to hear that).

    Heavy perfume/cologne (I would rather smell your sweat).

    "Savsies" – putting a bunch of personal crap on one piece of equipment while you use another to "save" it for when you need it (just no).

    Masks under the nose (recent addition to the gym peeves).
  • makinlifehappen
    makinlifehappen Posts: 111 Member
    I usually go when no one else is there so only really when people don't clean up after themselves.
  • Cowchip500
    Cowchip500 Posts: 1 Member
    It drives me nuts when I'm gasping and soaked in sweat but someone wants to chat me up. A little comment or joke is ok, but if you can talk in complete sentences, you're not working nearly hard enough.
    The other one is new; people who are still wearing masks. Again, you can't work hard with a breathing restriction. Nobody who's really working out wants to see your political statement. 🤦