Weight No More - Team Chat SEPTEMBER 2021



  • IDebraK
    IDebraK Posts: 139 Member
    Weigh In: Saturday
    PW: 142.8
    CW: 141.2

    I think I started here around 160 in June.
    Almost 20 pounds down. I havent seen the 130s in a WHILE! My new position is constant moving and has strict deadlines. It could be stressful if I let it, but I enjoy challenges. I went from working 6 days a week to 4. The shifts are longer at 10 hours, but I LOVE having every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. My shirts are starting to hang on me like I am dressing from someone else's closet. I'm TOTALLY doing a happy dance when I see 139. For me, that's a HUGE accomplishment. I have decided to treat myself to new hair when I get there. I'm determined to get there by next weigh in.
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