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  • TeresaW1020
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    @trooworld You made my mouth water reading about your birthday celebrations. I sure hope that the restaurant is worth that kind of drive and getting up that early. I can’t wait to hear all about it! We leave for our trip on Monday 10/18 and come home on Thursday 10/21. I can’t wait! Yesterday, I made reservations for a restaurant I want to go to on the first night and my sweet husband doesn’t even question me anymore on my obsession with planning. :grin:

    Hi Team! Not much going on today. Hubby has his earplugs in and has been watching football most of the day. I did a couple of workouts, sat on my porch and did some Bible study, and then finished up my latest jigsaw puzzle while catching up on General Hospital. :)

    :star: 100 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY THREE :star:
    1. Track Food & Stay within calorie/macros: I tracked stayed within my calories and macros.
    2. Exercise/Physical Activity: Beachbody #MBFA, full body 35 minutes. This afternoon I went and did a 10-minute upper body Barre Blend enhancement and a 20-minute treadmill walk.
    3. Weight (gain or loss) 176.0 only 0.2 up from yesterday but still annoying!
  • laurelfit57
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    @Katmary71 I like your goals! I too am trying to up my protein I am consistently take in at least 140 g a day, it is a challenge!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 good job on nailing the challenge!

    @trooworld your birthday weekend, sounds absolutely delicious!! You better have the best breakfast ever after getting up and going so early in the morning for your birthday breakfast🤣. A very happy birthday to you!

    @TeresaW1020 That sounds like such a fun trip, when are you going?. You guys are killing me with all the food you are talking about LOL LOL! I have only had cornbread one time, when I visited a friend in Kentucky, I seriously could have sat down and ate that whole thing!
    Wow, you really did a lot today!

    I’ve had a good couple of days, able to do all of my action steps. The only thing I am struggling with is my water. I was hoping to drink 500 mL 30 minutes before each meal, I am drinking the water, but I am doing it just before I eat, I definitely need to work on that!

  • bgame4
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    I am joining the 100 Day Challenge!

    Goal: Weight 125 lbs. (8 pounds to go)
    Action Steps
    1. At least 8000 steps daily
    2. Mindful snacking (it only goes in my mouth if it will make me feel good physically - now and later)
    3. At least 7 hours of sleep at night
  • Cornanda
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    Friday weigh in
    PW: 172.8
    CW: 173.2
  • Cornanda
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    Happy Birthday @trooworld !
  • TeresaW1020
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    Join the challenge today and share your Non Scale Victories with us all! :)


  • laurelfit57
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    Weekly weigh in
    Username. laurelfit57
    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 153.8
    CW. 152.8
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    PW: 193.6
    CW: 190.4

    I am ecstatic! I stayed focused and my first 3 days of the challenge were great! On my way to church now...and thus afternoon my daughter and I are going to a Murder Mystery Tea this afternoon. Our first time and it sounds like fun! I'll check in this evening.

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    By Percent
    By Pounds

    By Percent
    By Pounds

  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Its that time again for recruiting ... if you know anybody who would like to join please ask them to sign up
  • TeresaW1020
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    edited September 2021
    @laurelfit57 We leave for Savannah on Oct. 18th and come home on the 21st where we will then go downtown to see David Crowder in concert. He is our favorite Christian singer, and we are super excited. :grin: One of my tricks to drink more water is to down an 8 oz. glass every time I use the bathroom. It only takes a moment, and those cups can really add up throughout the day. ;)

    @bgame4 Yayy on getting on board with the 100-day challenge. You have great action steps that are for sure going to get you to your goal weight. :)

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Yayyy on your great loss this week! Keep up your focus and you will do great next week too. The Murder Mystery Tea sounds super fun! My staff once did one of those murder mystery dinners and it was a total blast. :smiley:

    Hi Team! Today has been relaxing and I’ve been soaking up the great weather out on my porch. I was going to work out, but my body is tired and I decided to let it rest today and hit it again strong this week. Tomorrow, I have grocery shopping and I need to go to AT&T and see about upgrading my church work phone. I made an appointment so hopefully, I won’t be stuck there forever. :#
    :star: 100 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY FOUR :star:
    1. Track Food & Stay within calorie/macros: I tracked and was under in calories and nailed my macros by staying high in my protein and low in fat and carbs.
    2. Exercise/Physical Activity: Took today off
    3. Weight (gain or loss) 176.6 only 0.4 up from yesterday! Ugghhh! I think it was from the pasta salad I had with dinner tonight. I really need to stop buying and eating it!

  • trooworld
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    @TheGlwUp Thank you!!!

    @TeresaW1020 It wasn't! LOL It was good, don't get me wrong, but thinking about it, there were plenty of good restaurants by the ocean where I live. We could have stayed local! I am sure you are going to have a great time. My birthday was awesome. Lots of fun.

    @laurelfit57 It was a fun time! I had a good breakfast (crab cake benedict) but it wasn't worth the drive lol! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Water is always a struggle for me, too. I was doing really good with it for a while but not now. :( Congrats on the loss!

    @davidji82 @bgame4 @Jactop Congrats on making it onto the leaderboard and congrats to all who lost!

    @Cornanda Thank you!!! :D

    100-day challenge commitments:
    1. I will put my utensil down between bites. ✘
    2. Chew slowly and chew enough. ✘

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
  • tammymccrady6278
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    Hi all. Well so far I have managed to meet my 100 day challenge goals ectoderm yesterday. I didn’t sink all my water and I didn’t get all my steps in. Today is much better so far. And I like that idea of drinking right after a pee break. Lol. I will try that. I’ve been cleaning house all morning got both bathrooms done top to bottom scrub the upstairs floor and now I’m just taking a quick break and I’m scrubbing and waxing the main floor yay lots of house work for me today LOL
  • Katmary71
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    Hey everyone, happy Monday! I'm stuck at home because they're sealing the street and the day started with an Amazon order bouncing because ATT decided to charge me twice this last month, I was planning to cancel them on the first and this put the icing on the cake! I have money I could put in the bank but I can't drive there to deposit it, the money should be back in my account tomorrow plus the overdraft fee will be covered. I finally have my month prescription covered and it was ready today but again I'm stuck at home. I told my neighbor last time I spent the day in the garage revving my engine, I didn't but I did and do mentally! I hate feeling trapped. I had fun at Bow Wow Days, I collected pet food and sold raffle tickets, the day was really successful but I was exhausted afterward. Luckily no animals were up for adoption, last thing I need to do is bring home a dog!

    So, my goals:
    1. Make a conscious effort to eat more protein
    2. stay under 1400 aside of birthday celebration, I want to at least stop gaining
    3. Decrease grains
    4. Up strengthening

    Done good at the last 3 but ever since I decided to up protein I don't want to eat meat, I actually would eat more vegetarian meals but you can only eat so many beans before you're miserable. I know this is like a teenager thing where you make a rule and you buck it but it's my stinking rule and I need more protein to lift weights, I tried doing it the WFPB way and I was really weak. If this keeps up I'll have to get protein powder.
  • laurelfit57
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    @vegan4lyfe2012 . Wow! Huge congratulations on your loss! That sounds like so much fun, I have never heard of a murder mystery tea!

    @TeresaW1020 it is definitely a good thing to listen to your body when it needs rest! New phones are so much fun, but they can be rather a pain to get everything set up the way you had it. I thought I was locked out of our community site about a week ago (after getting a new phone), it took me almost a whole week to figure out I had to log in on the initial page as well as the community page😜. I thought my fitness pal was seriously broken😅.
    I’m trying a new thing, drinking 500 mls of water 30 minutes before you eat, apparently along with eating more mindfully, you won’t eat as much. I’m usually pretty good about drinking water throughout the day, it is hard to switch to 500 mls 30 minutes before eating.

    @trooworld it sounds like a super fun birthday!

    @tammymccrady6278 wow! Good for you, sounds like you are having a super productive day! Tons of activity points :-) :-)

    The weather is beautiful here, so enjoying lots of outside visiting! I have enrolled my pup in and Agility classes, so lots of time spent outside with training. We have a class tonight, it will be lots of extra activity points, both my dog and me are exhausted by the end😅
    Yesterday was not the best day, too much good food around here and I was weak. Back on track today, the 1920s dress that I have for the wedding fits!!! It is a tiny bit snug, hmmm…. Maybe not even snug, I would like to have a little extra room as I want to be very comfortable eating a beautiful wedding dinner:):)

  • TeresaW1020
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    @krea4 You are doing awesome!! Congrats on this week’s loss! B)

    @19shmoo69 NICE!! You are going in the right direction! :grin:

    @trooworld Well, I’m sorry that the restaurant wasn’t as good as what you might have had closer to home, but you got to go on a nice drive with your hubby and try something new, which is awesome! I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday! <3

    @tammymccrady6278 All that housework is such great exercise and the payoff is so worth it! ;)

    @Katmary71 Bummer about being stuck at home. I get that it’s a mental thing with food. When I decided to go off sugar this month the first few days were awful with cravings. I love protein and work hard to get at least 100 grams or more a day. But it took time for me to get there and give up other things so I can stay within calories. :)

    @laurelfit57 Yeah, I got the new phone and I’ve been having to log back into different sites as well. However, it’s still a whole lot easier than it used to be to move everything from one phone to another one. I think once you can make water a habit it will be easier. I used to have a neighbor that taught agility classes in her yard. It was super fun to watch all those dogs. Just keep that 1920s dress front and center!! :)

    Hi Team! It was a good day. I did grocery shopping and then went and upgraded my church phone. I made an appointment at AT&T but it still took forever! Tomorrow hubby and I are going shopping up to the outlet mall to get me some new fall clothes. I LOVE shopping so I’m super excited to see what I come home with. :grin:

    :star: 100 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY THREE :star:
    1. Track Food & Stay within calorie/macros: I tracked and was within my calories and macros. I had zero added sugar as well.
    2. Exercise/Physical Activity: I did Beachbody #MBF lower body
    3. Weight (gain or loss) 175.2 which is a new all time low! :grin:
  • leayjw
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    Username. leayjw
    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 120
    CW. 121
    been a rather hectic week sending my sister off to uni so theres been tons of celebrations and food too! but its alright thats life will get back to eating healthier this week !
  • trooworld
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    @Katmary71 Oh I would hate that feeling of being trapped because of that road work! That's great that Bow Wow Days went so well.

    @laurelfit57 It was! Agility class sounds like good exercise for the pup and the owner.

    @TeresaW1020 That's true! The food was good but just not worth the drive since we had to get up so early lol. I hate getting a new phone, it always takes forever. Have fun shopping!

    @leayjw Today is a new day, you've got this!

    Hi all. Yesterday was kind of a dreary day so I made soup. It was a Thai meatball soup and it was delicious. My husband made an apple cake for my birthday as well yesterday and that was delicious too. Today is fresh start.

    100-day challenge commitments:
    1. I will put my utensil down between bites. ✘
    2. Chew slowly and chew enough. ✘

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
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