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  • krea4
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    edited October 2021
    September no sugary snacks
    Me: 20
    Sugar: 10

    I am very happy with my no sugary snacks challenge this month.

    🎊100 days challenge🎊
    Day 8 - 30.10.21
    🎉 No sugary snacks 🎉 5/100
    🎊 No eating after 7.30 🎊 6/100
    🥳 Exercise every day 🥳 5/100
  • davors19
    davors19 Posts: 230 Member
    Weigh in day: Friday
    PW: 260
    CW: 259.5
    LTD: 40.5
  • davidji82
    davidji82 Posts: 132 Member
    Weigh in day: Friday
  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
    Weigh in week:  Week 5
    Weigh in day: Friday
    PW: 175.8
    CW: 175.2
    LTD: 89.2
    Month: 1.4

  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
    :star: Hey Team! We have another month-long challenge to help you get the junk out of your diet and focus on whole foods and good health. Join us today!! :)OCTOBER CHALLENGE

  • trooworld
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    @TeresaW1020 Not really. I am making some Halloween garland for my living room and maybe another pair of Halloween earrings but other than that, it will be quiet. No social plans. A movie on the lawn sounds fun! And with popcorn??? I'm there! ;)

    @laurelfit57 Yes, it can be a challenge to focus lol! But I can usually get enough done. I work from home 2 days a week.

    @davors19 @davidji82 @TeresaW1020 Congrats on the losses!

    Hello all. Not much going on today oh wait, we are getting our Tonal installed today!!! I am beyond excited. I will be able to lift weights at home now. That's the only thing I have to report.

    100-day challenge commitments:
    1. I will put my utensil down between bites. ✘
    2. Chew slowly and chew enough. ✅

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 771 Member
    Friday weigh in
    PW: 173.2
    CW: 171.9


    LTD: 19.2
  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 771 Member
    Hi all and Happy Friday! I've been reading along with your posts, but nothing too interesting going on here, so I've been quiet. I'm over the moon about my weigh in today. Didn't feel I was quite dedicated enough this week, but I guess I was wrong. I'm looking forward to seeing that 7 turn into a 6. I'm looking forward to losing 20 pounds and being halfway to my goal! Now I've just got to keep my act together during my October vacation and the holidays!

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 771 Member
    @TeresaW1020 - Hey there anniversary twin..... we have decided to visit North GA for our anniversary trip. Gonna see the mountains and maybe some fall leaves? I'm very excited. We are going before our anniversary because it worked out better with bookings.
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    Whew! I have made it through this rough week of my daughter's emergency surgery Monday night and my mom's scheduled surgery Wednesday. I am ready for a break from them :smiley: and excited about 31 Days of Halloween! I know some of my buddies on here enjoy their horror, too, so if you have planned your 31 Nights of Horror movie list, please share it! I'm still working on mine. Hard to find a good balance of old and new, seen and unseen. I'll post it later when I finish it.

    I have stayed pretty consistent with my 100 Day Challenge. I overate a little yesterday, but I assessed and am aware why...I indulged in a pizza that was yummy, high in calories, but I knew it wouldn't keep me satisfied for very long. I ended up over calories, but was still well within my maintaining window. I'm looking forward to another happy weigh-in on Sunday.

    Have a fantastic Friday, my friends!

  • vegan4lyfe2012
    vegan4lyfe2012 Posts: 1,074 Member
    Whoop there it is!
  • krea4
    krea4 Posts: 1,806 Member
    🎊100 days challenge🎊
    Day 9 - 1.10.21
    🎉 No sugary snacks 🎉 6/100
    🎊 No eating after 7.30 🎊 6/100
    🥳 Exercise every day 🥳 6/100
  • Katmary71
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    @lose4me71 Welcome to Slimpossibles!

    @TeresaW1020 Sounds like you had a great day, your shopping sounds fun! And a little ice cream sounds awesome! Enjoy the community outreach, that's great you get to do it again. I like this month's goals!

    @krea4 I hope your knee feels better, sounds smart to rest for a bit.

    @trooworld Beef and barley soup sounds awesome! If you bought that Rootitoot cookbook for the IP it's a really good recipe, I think I told you to add more barley though if you make it. I wish that cookbook author hadn't passed away, she was a great person and an amazing cook.

    @trooworld Congratulations on getting Tonal, I can't wait to hear how you like it!

    @Cornanda Congratulations on a good weigh-in, don't you love a surprise good weigh-in?!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 How is your daughter feeling? I noticed a few of the cable channels have horror movie marathons this weekend, I remember AMC and I saw some good ones on FX too. There's the Halloweens on AMC today and tomorrow and some of the Friday the 13ths. I have the Purge set to record, how funny that it's on your list, you must've scoped out the channels too!

    Hey gang, I turned 50 yesterday and went to donate blood but had a fever and was turned away. I'd planned to go to my brother's but was concerned just in case but they had COVID tests so I took one and I'm fine, not sure why I had the fever. My brother made salmon and had cupcakes then he talked to me about doing some work for him. We're going out Sunday with my parents and brother's family. Tomorrow's my first HOA board meeting as secretary. Not much else going on, I started doing Core Secrets yesterday which is a stability ball exercise routine by Gunnar Peterson, I have the video around here somewhere but found it on YouTube. It felt great to use my legs working out again but my back was sore from all the core exercises. Diet's good aside of my birthday.

  • jugar
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    Warning! Warning!

    I will have to do the week and month tallies earlier than usual on Sunday! Please be sure that ALL weigh-ins for the week are posted and up to date by 6:00 am Eastern time! Thanks :heart:
  • jugar
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    Your October Team Chat is OPEN!

    Please continue to weigh in and chat here, but go ahead and post your introductions, goals for the month, and get ready to roll for Sunday:

  • Firefly743
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    ***Weigh In***
    PW: 229.0
    CW: 230.0
  • tammymccrady6278
    tammymccrady6278 Posts: 113 Member
    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW 228.3
    CW 226.5
  • trooworld
    trooworld Posts: 4,367 Member
    Weigh in week: Week 5
    Weigh in day: Saturday
    PW: 224.8
    CW: 227.6
    LTD: 20.4
  • Jwhitegarcia
    Jwhitegarcia Posts: 35 Member
    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW: 148lbs

    Ecstatic with this week's loss. I worked hard this week 💪
  • digger61
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    Username: Digger61
    Weigh in week: Week 5
    Weigh in day: Saturday
    PW: 209
    CW: 207

    I have not been on here to much as about 3 weeks ago I got blood clots in my right lung. I have been in bed since then. I am on the mend now. I hope to be more active this week
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