September 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



  • polskagirl01
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    Great job @penguinmama87 !!!
  • WhatMeRunning
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    That's an impressive 5k time especially considering the circumstances @penguinmama87 I suspect you'll be sub-30 very soon!

    Congrats @polskagirl01 hope that asthma is resolved soon (asthma sufferer here too). Also what you did for the 5k runners is awesome!
  • WhatMeRunning
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    @quilteryoyo YOU DID IT!!!
    I am pretty sure all first time attempts at 13.1 suck and seem like they could be better. It's a tough distance worthy of respect as very few people ever actually do a single run at that distance. And you are now one of those people!
    I mean it when I say I am proud of you for your achievement!
  • katharmonic
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    @quilteryoyo CONGRATULATIONS - you finished your first half marathon! Totally a big accomplishment for any runner. It's funny that I totally forgot that my first HM was 5 years ago yesterday - I call it my "secret" first HM because I was training for a goal first half with a friend a few weeks later. But I secretly signed up for this one by myself because it was on the anniversary of losing my sister and I needed to do something with myself that day. I posted the memory of it on facebook yesterday and in that post I said "I kind of hated it and wanted to quit (so humid and hilly)" and I thought I managed it terribly. But I did it, and so did you! My next one a few weeks later was much better. Very proud of you too! And @Teresa502 is so awesome with the support and the signs and encouragement.

    @penguinmama87 great job on your best ever time! Fantastic, especially with hills!

    @polskagirl01 congrats on your half too! Sounds hard with your asthma but you toughed it out and made sure to get your charity bib across that line! And love your support of your friends at their 5k.

    Great job to all of you who ran the Guinness World Record 10k too!

    Nice long run @RunsOnEspresso in humid conditions.

    Sorry, I'm missing people but great running everyone.
  • Tramboman
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    Great half, @quilteryoyo !!!!
  • bradkcrew
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    @whatmerunning I am so incredibly impressed by your running history, and especially to be able to pound out those kind of miles while carrying extra pounds! Just amazing, and I am sure it must be devastating to not be able to run currently.

    @martaindale I honestly don't know if the calories are a factor, it just seems so odd to me that the runs are difficult from the onset, and I can't get a read on it. I do appreciate all of your insight! As for your questions, no I don't warm up at all--just something I've never done. I walk out the door and hit the road. Stretching, resting, not so much. Yes, I am hydrated! I got one right!

    But, today I blew through my fastest pace ever on a 5 miler, so who knows?

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    Wow @avidkeo, you've done it. Well done. That's a mammoth effort. Congratulations.
  • Tramboman
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    9-1 7k easy
    9-2 rest
    9-3 4k slow
    9-4 4k sloooooooow
    9-5 4k easy
    9-6 4k moderate
    9-7 4k moderate
    9-8 rest
    9-9 rest
    9-10 4k slow
    9-11 4k moderate
    9-12 4k easy
    9-13 rest
    9-14 4k easy
    9-15 4k easy
    9-16 rest
    9-17 4k easy
    9-18 4k slow
    9-19 4k moderate
    9-20 rest

    September Total: 62k
    September Goal: 150k

    Golf instead of running today.

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2021 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?

    Return to a good running weight of 175 lbs (second attempt)

    2021 Races:

    6/26 Direction Up 5k, Solon, OH 31:48 chip; 31:59 Garmin; 53d overall; 2d male 65 and over
    7/17 Run of the Ox 5k, Mantua, OH 32:19 Garmin; 44th overall; 3d place male 60 and over
    9/18 Hattie Larlham ThriveK, Aurora, OH Scratch
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    @martaindale That looks like a really nice trail with some great scenery. Love the rabbit picture. Is it a Jack Rabbit. Looks bigger than the rabbits we have around here.

    Yep, lots of jackrabbits. They are huge! This one is actually a little smaller than some of those I have seen. In Houston we have these cute little rabbits, maybe half this size.
  • Scott6255
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    Very proud of your @quilteryoyo for having the fortitude to push though and finish that HM when you were feeling so poorly. You are a beast!! Again, thank you @Teresa502 for helping her get through this and for all the encouraging signs. You are soooo thoughtful! <3