September 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



  • penguinmama87
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    Distance Log:
    9/2 5.22 miles
    9/4 5.90
    9/6 6.70 - virtual 10K
    9/8 5.49
    9/10 4.51
    9/13 5.73
    9/19 3.06 - 5K race
    9/21 6.46

    Total: 43.07/80 miles

    Way to go @quilteryoyo on your HM!
  • quilteryoyo
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    Thanks @penguinmama87 !
  • quilteryoyo
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    "Breezy, mid 60s F, with occasional drizzly rain to keep me company. Much better than running with spiders, snakes, bobcats, or coyotes." Hahaha @Tramboman

    Thank you @kgirlhart. Nice running. I have had a few of those runs that felt so good you just didn't want to stop. It's great when you have those. Glad your weather is better. We're supposed to be in the 40's for lows this week. I'm not ready for that.

    @martaindale Nice running. I hope you find that the cooler weather allows you to increase your pace to where you want it to be.

    Nice @johnisrunning !
  • quilteryoyo
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    Welcome back @ereck44 . Glad you are recovering well from CoVID and good luck on your upcoming HM.

    @skippygirlsmom Glad Skip is okay. Even the "safe" neighborhoods don't seem to be safe anymore. I get those friend requests too. Just SMH and hit "decline."

    @katharmonic Glad you were able to get out of work early and meet up with your friends. I understand your commitment issues. Hopefully you can get a hike in this weekend and feel a little better about it.

  • quilteryoyo
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    Oh no. So sorry @RunsOnEspresso ! I hope you are feeling better today.
  • Tramboman
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    9-1 7k easy
    9-2 rest
    9-3 4k slow
    9-4 4k sloooooooow
    9-5 4k easy
    9-6 4k moderate
    9-7 4k moderate
    9-8 rest
    9-9 rest
    9-10 4k slow
    9-11 4k moderate
    9-12 4k easy
    9-13 rest
    9-14 4k easy
    9-15 4k easy
    9-16 rest
    9-17 4k easy
    9-18 4k slow
    9-19 4k moderate
    9-20 rest
    9-21 4k easy
    9-22 4k slow

    September Total: 70k
    September Goal: 150k

    Another breezy, mid 60s F, drizzly day. Checked the Almanac to confirm this was my last run of summer.

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2021 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?

    Return to a good running weight of 175 lbs (second attempt)

    2021 Races:

    6/26 Direction Up 5k, Solon, OH 31:48 chip; 31:59 Garmin; 53d overall; 2d male 65 and over
    7/17 Run of the Ox 5k, Mantua, OH 32:19 Garmin; 44th overall; 3d place male 60 and over
    9/18 Hattie Larlham ThriveK, Aurora, OH Scratch
  • skippygirlsmom
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    Taking the day off today, I usually try to take Wednesdays because it’s garbage day and the cans at the curbs are stinky. A cold front came through last night so I almost got up to go, glad I didn’t it’s still raining..I just couldn’t do another day of running in the rain, especially the cold rain.

    @polskagirl01 and @quilteryoyo sorry you are getting them too. That’s like when you like a picture of someone’s on social media by mistake when you’re stalking them LOL That girl of mine is always telling me things that make me wants to say “okay come home, leave that big bad city”. Last weekend a girl at the local campus crap hole was drugged and grabbed outside the bar, they found her under a car on campus. She is 18 years old! The local hangout is now no longer open to under 21. You used to have to be 21 to drink but 18 to enter.

    Ha ha @Scott6255 I’ll give them your name next time LOL

    @RunsOnEspresso hope the glute is feeling better soon.