September 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @ereck44 Congrats on selling your house. Good luck with the HM. I just completed my first one, which had gone virtual. It was tough. Is this an in person race? I hope the chipmunk survived.

    Congratulations on completing your first marathon. So excited for you! Did you have fun?

    I have run at least 1 half marathon since 2014 until 2020. My last half was November 2019. I remember being very sick the week prior to the race ( I think that I had covid then....Lol) Also remember that it was cold and raining for the whole race. I have never run a virtual race although that was offered to me last year. I think October 2nd is an in person race. There is a date and time to pick up my packet and information about parking.

    Thanks....i havent sold my house yet but expecting an offer today. Spent 2 months decluttering and cleaning. I am glad that part is over.

    I too hope the chipmunk survives. It's nose was bleeding....i hope it was a superficial injury. I guess i could have taken it to a vet or wildlife place. Just didnt expect to encounter the little guy. I saw 2 chipmunks scampering the other day. Thankfully it's not an endangered species.

    Will be running later in the day. Probably a tempo run at 4 miles.

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    Easy 5.2 miles in between finishing work and doing the school run. Average pace 9:38 min per mile.

    69.1/100 miles
    9,266/10,000 feet of elevation
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    Same here @martaindale. I can't remember the last time I paid to run a 5k. Like you, I think it's been years.

    Also, I'm not prepared to pay much money to run a short distance.
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    @RunsOnEspresso Good job on getting out and doing what you were able to do.

    @martaindale Nice running. Glad you have the cooler temperatures. Great pace today, or was that yesterday. I'm trying to catch up again.

    @ereck44 I'm not sure I can say that I enjoyed my HM. I'm glad I did it and that it is done. LOL I think it being virtual was a bit of a let down, but it was made much better by my friend Neva driving me to a new to me trail to run and then riding her bike to keep a check on me and my friend @Teresa502 driving down to run the last 3 miles with me. Those were though and included a lot of walking. I know for next time that I need to fuel better. I just hit the wall at 10 miles.

    Beautiful place for a run/hike @polskagirl01 !

    Glad your hip is feeling better today @kgirlhart ! Nice running.

    Glad you are doing good @ContraryMaryMary !

    @rheddmobile That trail doesn't look real conducive to running. Enjoyed the history about it. I've seen one of those frogs before. They are tiny. Glad you and DH are safe and weren't at the store when the shooting happened.

    Good luck in your race tomorrow @Teresa502 !

    Nice pace @sweetdaisy13 !

    Nice run @Carsonsurfs ! The cooler temperatures definitely make a difference!
  • RunsOnEspresso
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    I was able to 4.1 of 5 miles today. I probably could have finished but didn't want to push too hard.

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    @polskagirl01 That trails is so pretty and the mushroom looks like the type that kids draw, red with the white dots. I have never actually seen one with that coloring in real life!
    This kind of mushroom is definitely all over children's books, cartoons, etc here, but I thought they were mysteriously hiding in the woods somewhere, as I'd never seen one in real life... but they were EVERYWHERE on my hike/run yesterday. It was so cool. Some were as big as a dinner plate, others were small and looked just like the place where a fairy tale gnome would have his house. Many had fallen over from their own weight.
    There were orange ones, too:
    Apparently I took a lot of pictures of mushrooms 🍄 I'm pretty sure these are all poisonous. Other mushrooms that grow in the forest are edible though, but there are look-alikes, so I leave the mushroom hunting (a popular pastime, actually) to the people who know what they're doing.
    Oh and @rheddmobile I also saw purple flowers like yours, and now I wished I had stopped to take a picture because they were so similar.

    I had coffee yesterday morning. Why do I still feel like it's affecting me?