September 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @rheddmobile, @polskagirl01, those flowers are salvia. They come in every shade of blue and purple you can think of (also red) and are a firm favourite of mine. So hard to find a true blue flower, but salvias deliver all summer long. Mine are sky blue and the same royal blue as @rheddmobile’s photo and are just poking there way up (they’re perennials) after a winter of snoozing.
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    I have a monthly question

    I know we kinda talked about this before but it's been a while.
    Favorite things & Funny socks

    I got this thing for socks. I don't wanna wash them or change them. What if they get lost? or don't fit right? I am loving my new swift wick cycling socks. I am also a pen hoarder of sorts. I have a carousel sorted by wavelength (colour). Highlighters, sharpies, gel pens, fav pencils... It's not a collection of all pens, they are MY pens. I sort my socks from the meh drawer to the yay! drawer. And I'm okay with a mess if it is my mess; which is just loosely organized.

    How about ya'll?
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    Beautiful day to run last night. Temperature was low 60 degrees with a slight breeze. I ran 4.15 miles and ran 23 seconds per mile faster than the last time I ran. I tried to tempo run but in reality, I ran faster after the first mile, which always sucks and just tried to run evenly. I noted that I wasn't leg weary but my lungs hurt after 3 miles....some coughing, but taking deep breaths were an effort. I tried singing to the music at times just to make sure that I wasn't going too fast.

    The plan is still to run 7 miles on Sunday. I think that I am going to try to run a couple of miles, then slow to walk until in fat burning range, then run, repeat until 7 miles. I think I might do something like that on race day if it works out. I should be tired when I run on Sunday, having completed 2 twelve hour shifts at the hospital.

    @rheddmobile How scary that the mass shooting was at a Kroger's where you normally shop. We have a Kroger's here at Indianapolis. It is a huge store. Your poor mother...I am sure she was frantic.
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    Better to be smart than sorry @RunsOnEspresso ! Glad you are feeling better today.

    @polskagirl01 Cool mushroom pictures. I'm with you. I leave the hunting to those who know what they are doing.

    Hahaha @WhatMeRunning !

    @ereck44 Nice run today. Glad everyone is getting cooler temperatures for a while..well, everyone in this hemisphere. Sounds like a sound plan for your run on Sunday. Lack of sleep really affects how I feel on a run, I've found.

    I bought a couple pair of socks that each have half a smiley face, so when you put your feet together, they are happy feet. Sometimes I wear them when I work in the baby room at daycare because we don't wear our shoes in there. I think I like them more than the babies do. LOL

    I am a pen hoarder. If someone is giving away a free pen, I'll take it. LOL I have been a little bit bummed lately, though, because I do have a couple of favorite pens that have run out of ink and I can't find just the ink refills anywhere. I haven't looked on-line. Probably can there, but they aren't in any of the stores I frequent.

    I didn't post yesterday. Nothing real interesting. I did work at daycare, got home at 6, changed clothes, went down and did the push mowing at mom's, got home at 7:30, and went down and did a mile walk on the treadmill for the streak.

    Today, I was able to sleep in a bit, as I didn't have to be at work until after my 10 am tennis match. Today's group were extra talkative, so not a whole lot of playing going on, but I enjoyed it. I got off of work 30 minutes before I had planned, so, when I got home, I did my mile on the driveway.
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    @katharmonic It's a beautiful fall day here today too. The leaves haven't started to turn here yet. Enjoy your hike tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.
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    Congrats on the double digit run @CarsonSurfs! That's a great accomplishment after what you have been through.

    @polskagirl01 I thought the same thing about those mushrooms. They look like a picture out of a children's story book. Great job on your mountain running and another 40k week.

    @katharmonic enjoy your mountain hike tomorrow!
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    @rheddmobile I am so glad you weren't shopping when the shooting occurred. I'm sure your mother was frantic. I loved the pictures of your run and I thought it was awesome that you as a treat you went somewhere cool to run.

    @katharmonic I hope you have great weather for your hike tomorrow. I'm looking forward to your pictures.

    @CarsonSurfs Congrats on the double digit run and on your amazing comeback.

    @swenson19d I feel you on the headache. I'm so happy for the cooler weather, but fall is definitely allergy season for me. I woke up with a headache this morning (really just my cheeks and forehead).

    I love the story of your mom and her socks @skippygirlsmom. My favorite running socks are Balegas. I do have some tie socks that my daughter gave me. I'll admit to wearing them with my flip flops if my feet get cold, but only at home, never in public.
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    @WhatMeRunning i have toe socks for sandals, I got flip flops with a height adjustment on one side for my short leg. I’ve always loved the toe socks! I love being barefoot but with raynauds I’m forced to wear socks. They need to make some that are yard friendly, where the grass and leaves don’t stick to them forever.

    Here’s Beary’s new fav thing
    It’s an ostrich or emu… Cori is a dud an won’t play romp & chomp with him. His fav fav things are snakes as some of y’all know. 2 in the house this week and a frog and a locust, and a grass hopper… least it not bunnies and rats like noodle brought in

    Gotta pet favorite thing?
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    Nice running @polskagirl01 !

    Congrats on your long run @CarsonSurfs ! Glad you are cancer free too!

    Haha about the pens @skippygirlsmom ! We are indeed kindred spirits there. Don't you hate it when you find something you really like and the store quits carrying it!? That is a very sweet memory of your mom and what you did for your friends is touching and a great way to remember her. Hugs to you on the anniversary of her death.

    Nice run @RunsOnEspresso . Glad you are feeling better.

    @swenson19d Beary is so cute with his emu. Tippy has never really played with toys much. Her favorite things are to drink out of the water faucet and playing in the snow.