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    Hi Gals,

    Regarding dress/shoes/makeup

    So I have worn flats exclusively for probably 20 years I got a horrible case of planter fasciitis and my massage therapist and acupuncturist said the heels had to go! So I have supportive walking shoes for most of the time, a pair of flat ballet style black shoes and a couple of other pair of shoes all with cushion and arch support.

    My daily wear is shorts or jeans and a woman’s tee shirt that is a bit fashionable – a bit of open work, a color block, something that makes it a bit more – all solid colors some I have embroidered with holiday themes. Figure I should advertise my own business. I have gardening/cleaning clothes that are the above clothes when they are past their prime…. When I do “dress” up it’s simple if it is warm I have a pair of grey pants or a long flowy skirt and 2 tops that go with both. If it is cool/cold I have a pair of black jeans, a pair of black lined pants and a 3-4 tops and a few sweaters that go with both, then if it is really dressy I have a below knee length skirt with a matching jacket – it is black with tiny flowers that are a grey/white with a maroon center so I have a maroon top that goes under the jacket. I have worn that exact outfit to every wedding and funeral for 10 years… Packing when I go away is easy, almost every piece of clothing I own can go in one suitcase LOLOL

    Makeup – a bit of mascara if a client is coming or I’m headed to the store, no need for anything else as I am masked at all times with others out of my pod. I have a powder foundation that I’ll put on it I have a zit or something else weird going on, with my dressy outfit I have eye liner, and a bit of shimmery shadow

    Hair – it’s long (below my bra strap) it’s straight, it’s medium brown -gold highlights, and about 10% white. I love it in a bob, but I am not yet comfortable going to my hair stylist, and as my 2021 goal is to end it in a better financial state than I started it, I am saving the $60 for a cut every 6 weeks for now. I have colored it but only in crazy bright colors.

    Carol – your hubby cracks me up! I think he bought it he should use it….

    Machka and Rori– You both take life on with such grace, I get that it is really tough and there are crazy making things you don’t share here, but you both have taken on a challenges you did not expect and shown the true meaning of love and friendship to your families, I read your posts and it helps me put the little things in perspective.

    Rori it is a delight to hear that you are re-engaging in all that gives you cheer.

    Kim in N. California
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    <3 (((Miguel and Joaquin))) <3


    Loved your post. So glad you are living your life. (((Hugs))).


    Short haircut every 2-3 months.

    No hair dye or permanents or highlights.

    No make up or dressing up unless I'm going to a wedding or something.


    In several months we will move to a retirement community. Plenty to do before moving day.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Good late morning ladies
    Picked up my groceries and came home and they had cleaned off my patio already they just have to come back and scrape some moss and there done,only took them 40 minutes.. i had them check under the cover of my little sofa out there and I had a couple of mice that had taken up residence. So will have to figure out how to humanly keep them away.. maybe moth balls..
    I have to call social security about back pay but somehow i think im going to get jipped ,i tried reading how it works and cant figure it out.. will have Trudy look into it for me..
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    :)Carol, my husband bought a food saver, Ninja Foodie, multi cooker, and a bread maker. Last night he started watching YouTube videos about making pickles. Life is a never ending surprise around here. I try to minimize our possessions and he wants to buy stuff.

    <3 Barbie
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    We have many cooking options but my favorite is cast iron. Many of the cast iron pots were originally my mom’s. I enjoy using mom’s. We bought a few more. We also have some that were the “new/in” items. I like my stainless electric frying pan. The instant pot is very rarely used. It will likely get a bit more use in winter weather. :)
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    Heather ~ You were a beautiful young lady and still beautiful! :)
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    Not up to par but getting there!

    Rori, nice to see your post. You seem to be processing life, and appreciating it.💖. Know we love ya!

    Pip love Cannon Beach! Glad weather is cooperating for you. Just drink up all that coastal magic!

    Machka photos of your long beautiful hair just don't do it justice. Very pretty photo!

    Heather, your 16 year old self wowsa! You were and ARE stunning!

    Spent a fun evening the other night just looking at eldest sons phone while he played funny videos. We just sat, giggling like two crazy kids.💖.
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    Barbara ... Inactivity is self-perpetuating. Isn't that the truth!

    Rori ... so glad to see you post.

    Carol ... I'm sorry ... I just had to laugh at your husband's behavior. It is so familiar to me.

    Michele ... so sorry you're dealing with sciatica pain!

    I love seeing the old photos! You ladies were/are just beautiful. I haven't worn makeup for years. Rosacea has put a permanent "blush" on my cheeks. But to be honest, I never had a deft hand with makeup. I've let my hair go gray ... I've earned every one of them. My wardrobe as a former housekeeper was mostly jeans and sweatshirts or bermuda shorts and t-shirts. Casual shoes. In my younger years, when I did office work, I wore heels!! Can't get much past a 2" shoe now. No matter what I am doing though, I have always had to have clean/styled hair, trimmed/shaped nails and earrings on. Feel absolutely lost without my earrings. I've even made my husband turn the car around if I discovered I had forgotten them.

    Beth near Buffalo

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    exermom wrote: »
    Remember I told you my hip was hurting. Well, today I had to modify every exercise on the DVD, it hurt so much bending down. I’m even not going to go for my morning walk, it’s that painful. I’m going to be calling the MD. Even Vince agrees that for me not to exercise and not to take my walk, it must be pretty painful. I’m just hoping that it’s something they can do something about and not something that I just have to live with. I honestly don’t know if exercising is helping or hurting.

    Rori – you deserve every happiness life has to offer. Sounds like you are doing just that. So happy for you

    M – I’m sure you still have friends in Victoria. Were they negatively impacted by the earthquake?

    Barbara – I would think that painting a shell over the tips would still cause the tips to stick out and it would look like I was just trying to paint over it. Plus...I’m not artistic enough to draw a shell. I’d have to have someone else do it for me. I think I’ll go with either a ceramic shell or a real one.

    Carol GA – why don’t you ask your husband what those items are going to be used for?

    Update: went to the MD. From where I said the pain was and she moved my legs and from where it started to hurt, she thinks it’s sciatica. Although I don’t have pain in my leg, she said that this doesn’t always happen. She put me on prednisone and prescribed a muscle relaxant but I shouldn’t use it unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s good news because I had visions of a fractured femur taking months to heal. She did say that I should have some relief by Saturday and if I don’t or if it gets any worse, to give them a call. I took the first dose of the prednisone and, to me, it feels a tiny tiny bit better. But then again, that may be psychosomatic.

    Today would be a great day to wash my car. Cloudy but not rainy. But I don’t think I will. At least not yet. Bending down is still painful, and you have to do a lot of bending when you wash a car.

    The MD did say that I should skip formal exercise for about a week. Walking around the house is OK, but nothing more. Hope I don’t go too stircrazy….lol

    Michele NC

    *Hugs* Sciatica can be very painful. I go to the chiropractor when I have Sciatica as for me it is a pinch nerve from misaligned vertibra
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    I'm just hoping that it IS the sciatica
    and not something else. I'm just not used to being in pain!

    Michele NC
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    Looks like I'm going to have to be very mindful of what I eat. Fortunately, one of the side effects of prednisone seems to be increased tiredness. But another one is increased appetite. Fun. Can't wait for this to be over. I'm so not used to being out of commission and not being able to exercise.

    Michele NC
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Pip- The dress is lovely & the skirt is cute. :bigsmile:

    Rori – I am delighted to see that life is good again and you are finding fun, even though you are still grieving. I love seeing your posts. :heart: :star::heart:

    Machka - Earthquakes are powerful and scary. I hope your home has not been affected. It appears the quakes were in Australia. I hope Tasmaina was safe and stays safe. :star:

    We are currently having cloudy skies, and there seems to be moisture in the air, but no rain so far. I haven’t decided whether or not to go to yoga this morning. Yoga doesn’t start for two and a half hours. I’ll figure it out before 10 am.

    Katla in overcast NW Oregon

    Tasmania is part of Australia. :) And this earthquake was strong enough to be felt in northern Tasmania. They evacuated one of the taller buildings in Launceston, the city in northern Tasmania.

    I have been contacting friends in Victoria and so far everyone is OK. They did say it was really loud!