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    Regarding being woken from sleep -- I have created a cocoon of silence.

    When I lived on my own, I ran a floor fan each night to drown out noise ... but my husband can't sleep to the sound of a fan, so that idea is out. However, it did 2 things for me ... it drowned out noise and it helped dry the clothes I hung. :)

    Now, I sleep with earplugs, and eye mask, and a light headband which helps hold the eye mask in place and also covers my ears. I hear next to nothing!

    A huge wind roared through one night and just about everyone at work was talking about how it woke them up ... I didn't hear a thing.

    I'm also toying with the idea of getting sleep headphones for my husband and me for whenever we might be able to travel by airplane. No rush, of course, so I will investigate what's good. I like the idea of a sleep headphone and eye mask all in one. I think it would be good for my husband to reduce distractions around us both on the plane and possibly also while waiting between flights ... and I like the idea too. It looks like it would be much more comfortable than the headphones airlines provide.


    Like maybe this one from MUSICOZY ...


    Anyway, if you're a light sleeper who is easily wakened, it might be an idea to to create a cocoon of silence for yourself. :)

    M in Oz
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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Machka and Rori– You both take life on with such grace, I get that it is really tough and there are crazy making things you don’t share here, but you both have taken on a challenges you did not expect and shown the true meaning of love and friendship to your families, I read your posts and it helps me put the little things in perspective.

    Rori it is a delight to hear that you are re-engaging in all that gives you cheer.

    Kim in N. California

    Thank you Kim. :heart:

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    Regarding shoes -- I used to wear high, high heels and I used to jog about in them, walk distances and everything. I loved them.

    Like these gorgeous things ...

    Then in 2001, I burnt my left foot to the bone. The scar tissue has made it difficult for me to bend that foot. I've worked at it and I can bend the foot to some extent, but it's not comfortable.

    I didn't walk for a long time (2 months), and when I did walk a bit, I put a lot of weight onto my right foot because my left foot still hurt that much. Finally I went to a physiotherapist to learn how to walk properly again.

    But a couple years later, I started developing arthritis in my right foot. It's quite advanced now, and I can barely bend my right foot. Plus my left foot has decided to join the fun and it has arthritis now too.

    Wearing heels is agony. Like someone driving spikes through my feet. I still have one pair of red stiletto pumps and I can just get my feet into them and stand up, but I can't move it is so blindingly painful.

    So I wear very low heels (like about 1 inch at most) or very flat shoes.

    But I can't wear ballerina flats or loafers ... they give me blisters. I have to wear lace-up shoes and unfortunately it is difficult to find nice, dressy-looking lace up shoes.

    My feet are problematic. :(

    M in Oz
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    (((Michelle))) my mom had somehing like that and she had to be careful how she sat and slept because it aggrevated it.

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    Sue in Washington ~ Big Hugs for you during this sad time.

    Carol in GA
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    drkatiebug wrote: »
    Kiz, my eating plan is kind of low carb. We are allowed lots of fruits and veggies and one 1/2 cup serving of a starchy side with dinner. It can be a white potato, sweet potato, winter squash, pasta, rice, quinoa, Ezekiel bread, etc. My carb last night and tonight was thin pizza crust. It isn’t Keto because we don’t eat cheese. The only dairy we can have is Greek yogurt. My pizza had a little mozzarella, which was technically off plan, but Dave wanted it for dinner last night. We had two pieces left over, so I had them tonight while he had a fried chicken plate from the deli. It isn’t super low carb because I’m still averaging 30 to 40% carbs on my pie chart.
    Yea I can't do Keto. Too much fat. at 40% carbs that is like 140 carbs so more than low carb. I use the Truvani as well. Have you tried the Crio Bru for the cocoa? I get the Mayan blend and really like it.

    Have they said 'how' they are rebooting the metabolism? By what mechanism?

    Make up. Not most days. I have roscea though so sometimes a light powder based foundation.

    When I was younger. I did make up and nails and hair. Then I met and married my husband and he was allergic to perfume, hair spray, setting powder and didn't like the smell of nail polish remover. All those things slowly faded away. I don't miss the amount of time and energy I used to put into it. I do color my hair as I'm not ready to go all gray. I do it myself though so cheap and probably you can tell. I've been toying with red lately but haven't made the leap.

    North Florida

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    Sue ... so very sorry.
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    My run is on Sunday ... and my legs have been feeling tight and heavy the last few days. :neutral:

    I was going to run tonight but decided to stretch, do some Pilates, lift some weights and row a little instead.

    I may wear my compression stocking around home the next couple days.

    M in Oz
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    Machka- I do have those headphones...
    But honestly i live in a 55 and over neighborhood why should i have to go to such lengths..
    Anyway, Craig from the board just came down i had texted him at 8 this morning ,I complained, my friend Jim complained and the president of the board heard it ,Craig went to the grandma and told her to have him stop,she wanted names and he said that was confidential.. so if it happens again ,I call the cops and the board can escalate it from there,i took a little nap,but still feel totally out of it.. think I heard the little stinker leave a few minutes ago,sorta hard not to with a diesel truck
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    So very sorry Sue!

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    So sorry for your noise troubles, Allie. It would drive me crazy as well. So glad you have people on your side.

    The cake in the park was hilarious. Madness when my son brought along a piñata! He had a big job keeping everybody else back when someone took a swing.
    Here is Edie doing the first one. Bea at the back.

    Of course, a small crowd of kids gathered for the plunder! Here is Max's turn.


    Great fun! Then we had chocolate cake.

    This was a kind of fill-in party for the actual day, because she is taking her two best friends to Elstree on Saturday to the Harry Potter World. Mega expensive expedition for the family plus.

    Now home and knackered!

    Lisa - <3<3<3

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    PS - at the end of the party the helium balloon in the shape of an 8 escaped its weighted anchor and sailed off over the houses. :p Quite a fitting end.....

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    (((Sue))) so sorry for your loss of your mother. And then cataract surgery! So much to cope with. Hope things get easier for you.
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    Machka ~ How did you burn your foot so badly? That sounds awful.

    Heather ~ What a fun birthday for Edie.

    Lisa ~ So sorry to hear about your continuing illness. Hope you will get the help you need.

    The first day of Fall is actually very cool here in Georgia which is unusual!

    Carol in Georgia
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    Heather. yikes for the fox poo! WhatsApp is super-easy and intuitive;

    Barbara congrats on the SV! (Scale victory)

    think I've changed quite a bit between my two photos (me at 18 and me now). There's probably still a little bit of the 18-year old me in there somewhere, but not a lot.

    And I've gone through quite a change just in the last 3.5 years. When my husband had his accident, I felt like I suddenly grew up ... became an adult. Quite different from how I felt at 18.

    From my early 30s to my early 50s, I was "Peter Pan", which was another different me.

    Though is sounds extremely trying the way you explain it here makes it sound positive (growing up rather than being "Peter Pan". ) Though maybe you preferred to be "Peter Pan"? Are you saying there are some up sides to all this?
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    (((Sue))) all my deepest condolences;