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    Did Prevention’s Personal Training DVD then walked around the block. The plan for tomorrow is to do Firm’s Ultimate Fat Burning Workout DVD then go for a walk.

    Boy, did I have cramps in my stomach last night. The positive is that it made me not want to eat anything...lol They’re gone today.

    Kiz - the only thing about this job is that I’m not sure how many days it’ll be. Which translates into “how can I get my exercise in”. Well, if worse comes to worse, I’ll walk around the block. It’ll work out. Maybe I’ll do some yoga DVD’s at home in the evening since they’re usually restful.

    I got a bonus from Food Lion for working COVID and it was taxed, too.

    Went to SC to exchange the paint that I got for the right color. Looked for another color for the ceramics place, but even the store was out of it.

    Lisa – always a pleasure to read your posts. So glad to hear that you’re on the mend, even if it is slow

    Michele NC
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    Evening ladies
    Mani/ pedi camr out nice i splurged on a spa pedicure and a gel manicure it was on the pricey side but once a yr and for a special occasion its ok..
    Im home ,watched love boat and am tucked in with Alfie..
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    Kizanne, I will probably drink a smoothie for either breakfast or lunch indefinitely. It’s the only way I can meet my protein goal. I don’t like a lot of meat. My food diary is open to my “friends.” Send me a request if you are interested in seeing what I eat. It’s nothing earth shattering.

    We don’t make adjustments to what we eat unless we are hungry, our energy goes low, or we aren’t losing inches. We have this complicated formula - like if you are hungry but losing inches add more protein. Weighing, measuring, counting calories come way down the list. Since I am not hungry, have decent energy, am not experiencing cravings and have lost a little weight and 3/4 inch, I am supposed to stay the course. If I start lifting weights, I can add one more carb and even more protein.

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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Pip - Your travel photos are wonderful. :bigsmile:

    Viv – It is good to see you posting again. :star:

    Barbara – I expect that we will fly masked. Recirculated air is not the best thing in a pandemic. :noway:

    Heather – Congrats on finishing your third edit. :flowerforyou:

    DH and I will fly to Virginia together or we won’t go. Home health care is not appropriate for him. He is very competent at self-care. Loneliness is another matter. I will not leave him alone at home.


    Katla, the airlines and airports still require all passengers to be PROPERLY masked at all times while in airports or on the planes. That doesn't mean it's well enforced, but at least the law is there and if it enforced, fines are hefty. I also take antibacterial wipes and wipe down my seating area on the planes and the airports more than once. I also have straws that make it easier to sip drinks while not having to remove your masks completely. So far, it has worked for me.

    Tina in CA (still here, just really busy)

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    Pip - you and Kirby give Yogi such an amazing life. I have such respect for you, from the incredible devotion to your health and exercise to the way you extend that devotion to both Yogi and Kirby, and every other part of your life. So pleased to see you enjoying your retirement.

    The gray day is flapping around me here in the middle of the country too, cloudy all day and rain coming in a couple of hours. We need the rain - the grass is just crunchy it's been so dry. It's ordinarily still green up into October, but not this year. Tomorrow is supposed to be raining all day, really looking forward to it.

    Corey's come home and then had to head back down to fix the gate - a hinge pulled out on one side of those heavy panels, as they secured it only with a couple nails, just needs to be re-nailed with the compression nailer, with a few extras thrown in for safety's sake. Hope the rain holds off - there are a few thunderboomers in that:

    Still hate that I'm not up to helping him with it, but feeling better by the day. Incremental, small steps, but nonetheless, progress. Trying to school myself to patience--and the knowledge that my body does know how to heal itself, but it will take time to do so. All I can do is give it peace and quiet while it remembers how.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR

    Thank you so much for your kind words, makes me smile
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    Dreams - I think my biggest dream would be to find a job I truly love, that pays fairly and truly cares about its employees, and that I am passionate about. I don’t have a clear vision of what that would be though.

    Other dreams all revolve around money. I don’t want big trips, a fancy house or anything like that. I would like to be able to go buy a new mattress, roof, appliance whatever it may be without getting behind on a bill to do it. I also want my husband and I to go to NB next year to visit our parents. Again, that is a money thing and of course right now a Covid thing.

    Julie - I have nothing of real value to add, except that I’ve found in these situations if I just waited it out, things usually sorted themselves. People get dismissed, promoted, move on, retire and then it’s trying to recover from the stress you’ve been carrying for usually too long. I know this isn’t helpful when you’re in the thick of it though.

    Heather - you have such a way with words. May I share a bit of that with my daughters? They both suffer from terrible anxiety.

    Katla - I don’t know about Arctic Swans. The geese do have quite a bit of white down their neck and lower body.
    I bet you’ll be relieved when the tickets are booked and your plans are finalized.

    Carol and Heather - I agree with both of you. I personally find if I let all of the negative in and not overpower it with positive I have a different dialogue in my head.

    Pip - I’ve so enjoyed travelling with you. Can’t wait to see the new flooring.

    Sue - I don’t understand families that fight and argue at times like this. It happens all too frequently though. I hope you get some peace soon.

    I had a crappy day at work and brought it on myself. My supervisor has a habit of not seeing the urgency in anything and also doesn’t communicate well. It has been very evident throughout this whole payroll fiasco. I adore her, she is very sweet and smart. Anyway, today we had another issue come up with the new system and when we asked them to investigate it and find out what happened, it came out that it was her that had created the issue. I was so frustrated and went to the Administrator hoping that she would have a discussion about communication and speeding things up. The Administrator in turn just told my supervisor that I have no respect for her and she needed to talk to me about it. The administrator twisted my words. I have apologized to my Supervisor but I know it’s going to be touchy for the next few days and that wasn’t my intention at all. :(. I think I’ll make her a card to apologize and I’ll not tell the Administrator anything more. Sigh - sometimes it sucks working with people.

    The craft fair I had signed up for in November has been cancelled. I’m still going to work at getting some out for the online one.

    We have the Grands for the night, they have no school tomorrow so will hang with DH for the day. Our daughter will pick them up after work. I have my first ceramics class tomorrow night.

    Tracey in Edmonton


    I support you in getting as close to possible to realising your dreams.

    That really stinks that your administrator didn't help you at all and that your supervisor messed things up. It is nice that you find your supervisor sweet and adore her. The card might be a good solution.

    I think if you explained it once and then let time go by she will feel that you are sincere. As you said it might take a few days.

    For this guy F, waiting it out surely doesn't work. I would have preferred.
    I don't know if he has exploded 10 or 20 times in 18 months. (exploding including hanging up on the phone when he calls - very often, yelling - rarely -or swearing at me - at least 2x possibly more). He seems to have lots of time suddenly for our collective due to his retirement - after his absence for 6 months which I really appreciated. Out of the last 5 times we have spoken - the total in 6 months- 3 times he was unacceptable - when there were juste 2 of us on phone or 3 of us- me and a very old friend-colleague of his. When there were 5 or 7 of us he was on good behavior. Also when we are working on things collectively he only writes to O, or sometimes only writes to a few people - but never to me - so he very intentionally keeps me out of the loop. I have to ask O from time to time if he has new from F. It's a pain and totally disfunctional for a collective. I'm rather certain that if F were not a very old friend-colleague of O that O would find him a major pain in the butt too.

    Some people are jerky just from time to time and that not a major part of their personality.
    Others seem to have engrained habits.

    With one of my 3 directors he had yelled at me inappropriately 4 times in 4 years. 2 years ago he did it again -in very inappropriate situation. I was calm and there were witnesses and especially one on my side with high status who stayed calmly just to listen to end. Upon suggestion by specialist I sent the director a registered letter stating what happened and asked him to refrain - which I was fully in my right to do - from yelling at me, from speaking that way in front of colleagues and from saying certain things. I apprehended seeing him the next time, but he has since refrained from addressing me that way. In front of teacher colleagues he is all buddy-buddy with me in his tone time to make himself look good better political reasons, and normally says hello when I run into him, but at other times he is clearly angry and avoids contact- says the most minimal hello possible. I thought he was moody, but several of my colleagues, from different places and areas, say he is a phoney two faced person when he is being friendly.

    Meeting up with friends outdoors is a big excitement after the months we've been through.
    I hope you are able to get back to line dancing safely soon. That is great fun. That makes sense with your steps evolution over time. 7000 seems like a reasonable daily target, though with COVID too, less outings - less steps...so it requires an effort sometimes...do you still go for your 30 min walk?

    MACHKA I'm sorry about the fatigue et health issues. I'm hoping for the best possible results for you.

    RITA that sounds pretty rough with your DH at present . doing what you want sounds like a wise choice all around.

    LISA glad to read that you are feeling better day by day.

    FLEA hugs

    it's the middle of the night here - I woke up and was wide awake but now am dozing back off.
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    Janet-So sorry. Hugs to you.

    Julie-I hope you get it all figured out. Lots of advice, but in my experience, the troublemaker often just disappears after a new shiny object gets their attention. Maybe that will happen here for you.

    I've not had much of a break since mid-August. I was out of the country for 3 weeks, spent a few days catching up on things at home, then off again for a week to visit family. Flew home with my niece, who is hanging out with me for a week. We've been really busy this past week. I switch her out for my nephew tomorrow and then will be "vacationing" with them and their parents next week. I have about a week and half to catch up again, then we are off to Europe to visit the mister's friends and meet his sisters for the first time. I think I need to hibernate in November. I'm exhausted. It's a good exhausted, but it's exhausting.

    Today, we went kayaking and had afternoon tea. She's planning our trip to London in a few years. :)

    Tina in CA

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    Morning folks. Just taking a few minutes to scan through before I transfer over to the October thread.

    Much love and hugs to Flea, Sue, Beth, Machka, Rita, Allie, and Lisa. Your forbearance is an example to us all. 💕💖💕

    Pip: <> 😍 Yogi pics. You two are so good to him.
    Janet: <> You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family!!! And inheritance seems to bring out the worst in some people.
    Heather: <> 👍🏻 3rd edit! Bravo!!!
    Viv: <> welcome back. We missed you.
    Tina in CA: <> WOW!!! Busy! Busy! Busy! But great fun!
    Michele: <> it's nice that Food Lion recognised your commitment with a bonus.
    Tracey: <> 😍 The welcome figure. Ceramics is a great stress reliever. I did ceramics in college. Sorry to hear that your craft fair has been cancelled. 👿 The devious administrator!!!
    @bananasandoranges <> That guy, F, is a bully pure and simple, and if he has now retired, he has lost his victims. What is worse, he knows it's unacceptable, as he only does it in a 1 to 1 situations, or in front of his old friend! You could record your 1 to 1 calls with him. Companies do it all the time. Tell him you are recording the calls because of his past inappropriate behaviour and will not hesitate to use the recordings if he doesn't moderate his behaviour.

    No more time 😂

    See y'all in October thread.