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    I just read through the thread this morning. I found it very interesting and informative. Thank you all for sharing. Sometimes I feel like it's so easy for everyone else. It's comforting to know that others have similar past stories and have successfully moved beyond it. I can especially relate to @slimtastesbetter 's desparate search for an old Easter egg and @Mrs_Hoffer 's eating a half bag of Oreo cookies and food addiction. I think I've failed to recognize that I have an eating disorder until this year. And probably haven't accepted it, nor acknowledged that life is not going back to previous times, until this month. Anyway this thread was very enlightening and encouraging for me, thank you to all again for sharing 💗
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    @Jana_2020 I agree, it is very comforting to know that we are not alone in this. I remember way back in the mid-80s when I was single, living alone in an apartment and I was having one of my Friday night binges. I could NOT stop eating even though I really wanted to stop eating! I remember wondering to myself if there was anyone else in the whole wide world right at that moment who also was eating like there was no tomorrow (I didn't know about the term binge eating then, I just did it), or was I THE only person suffering with this weird inability to stop.

    I was thankful for message boards years later, first the Weight Watchers message boards, then these here on MFP to see that others have also struggled with compulsive eating and bingeing and have found ways to keep it in control.

    I am happy to say that over the years my bingeing has diminished greatly. It is only a rare thing now when it happens (so may not even be termed bingeing) and the volume of food in the compulsive eating episodes that I have on those rare occasions is usually less than before.

    I had a really tough time when our two boys were younger, still living at home. When they went to college and then got places of their own then I didn't have to buy all the various cereals, the peanut butter, the crackers, pancake mix, syrup, bread, jam, cookies etc etc. Having a clean environment helps a lot!

    Also what helps me is pre-portioning out cereal into one serving size baggies and then I put them back in the cereal box. I can stick to one portion then rather than eating half the box in one sitting. I do the same with my oatmeal. I buy oats in bulk and pre-portion them into the little 1/2 cup sized Glad containers because otherwise weird as it sounds I have been known to take the big bag of oats and just eat them raw with a spoon when I want something carby to chew. I feel like a cow chewing its cud! (Speaking of something carby to chew I love the 35 calorie Mission low carb 4" whole wheat tortillas and I can stop at one!)

    There have been times over the years when I've cut out sugar and flour completely except for vacations. Now I try to avoid it as best I can but I don't stay away from it altogether. I know I'll be treading in dangerous waters tomorrow on Halloween because I want to treat myself to a "little" candy... We'll see how that goes. >:)

    Anyways, this is getting too long and I need to go get ready for my morning run!

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    Thanks Deby! I like it!!! (I HATE the changes,,,, hate all the white space, and I'm not very tech savvy... so it always takes me forever to figure things out!! )

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    I agree... I am not liking the changes either... I am doing my best to adjust... here are some banners to choose from... Enjoy









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    @DebyS137 these are adorable!!! Thank you so much! <3
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    @Mrs_Hoffer .... Thanks & You are most Welcome