Mission Slimpossible Team Chat - OCTOBER 2021



  • Cornanda
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    Friday weigh in
    PW: 171.7
    CW: 173.5


  • krea4
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    I've been struggling the last couple of weeks. I'm super tired and that's one of my triggers. I've been eating crisps, cake, biscuits nearly every day.
    I have the next week off work so, hopefully, I'll recharge my batteries.
    My goal is to 64.4 kg by my 50th birthday in a month. I'm currently 66.4kg so I need to refocus so I can lose 0.5kg (very doable) each week for the next month.
    I think I might start a new mantra. Everything I go to snack I have to remind myself of the goal "64 by my 50th".

    🎊100 days challenge🎊
    Day 30 - 22.10.21
    🎉 No unhealthy snacks 🎉 15/100
    🎊 No eating after 7.30 🎊 23/100
    🥳 Exercise every day 🥳 25/100
  • krea4
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    Thank you for the offer of recipes. That would be great. I like tofu and beans. We can't buy soya curls in the UK but there are probably alternatives - I'll just need to track them down.
  • trooworld
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    Username: Trooworld
    Weigh-in day: Saturday
    Week: ?
    PW: 226.4
    CW: 231.0
    LTD: 17
  • trooworld
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    @Cornanda Thank you! I hope so too. I intend to fully enjoy the trip, I need the break! :) Have a great weekend.

    @TeresaW1020 Thank you so much! Since their weather is so different than mine, I think my migraines will go away. What a great NSV, congratulations! I'm glad you had a great trip. <3

    @laurelfit57 Thanks! I'm thinking that will be the case. Aw, you all look great! I love the dress!

    Okay I need to get ready to leave for the airport at 4:00 a.m., I've been up since 3:00 a.m.! I hope you all have a great weekend.

    100-day challenge commitments:
    1. I will put my utensil down between bites. ✅
    2. Chew slowly and chew enough. ✅
    3. Stop Eating C.R.A.P. Challenge: ✅

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
  • Jactop
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    Username: Jactop
    Weigh-in day: Monday
    CW: 190.6
  • tammymccrady6278
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    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW 224.5
    CW 222.6
  • Firefly743
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    ***Weigh In***
    PW: 225.6
    CW: 225.0
  • bgame4
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    Username: bgame4
    Weigh In Day: Saturday
    PW: 131 lbs
    CW: 134 lbs
    LTD: 7 lbs

    100 Day Challenge = 13/100

    I attribute this gain to TOM along with a few unwise eating choices this week.
  • TheGlwUp
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    @broncobuddee Sorry for the late weigh in.

    Username: TheGlwUp
    Weigh in day: Friday
    10/01 = 225
    10/08 = 226

    PW 10/15 = 227
    CW 10/22 = 225

    I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
    I was finally able to get some much needed rest this past week,
    but I am still struggling to stop being so overwhelmed with a never ending to do list.

    I am going to do a hard stop and start giving an automatic "no" to anyone and anything
    that will take away the time I need to invest in my self care. I started a new running training
    program and yoga, and I love it because it is helping me to get back in touch with my body
    and give me the nourishment I need right now.

  • TheGlwUp
    TheGlwUp Posts: 78 Member
    Hi Team! I’m back from my anniversary trip. Hubby and I had the best four days, and we are both exhausted but super happy with everything we got to see and do. Savannah had perfect weather. One of the big highlights of the trip besides being alone with my sweet man and eating soooo much great food was that I climbed a lighthouse that had 178 steps. It was challenging but I did it! 10 years ago, when we were there that wasn’t even a possibility due to my weight and being so out of shape. My weight is way up this morning and I’m NOT weighing this week because I know most of it will wash out this week. So, @broncobuddee please give me a pass this week. ;)

    Congratulations on climbing 178 steps! That is quite an accomplishment and so motivating that you achieved something you couldn't do 10 years ago. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 1,004 Member
    Quick Sunday pop in....

    @TeresaW1020 - you look absolutely amazing! Go you for climbing those stairs and enjoying the view! We had a couple of things we did like that- steep mountain trails + steps to see waterfall. I did it, but it was challenging for me. Had to stop to rest a few times. Hubby is normal weight and runs three times a week and was barely winded. I would like to continue to improve my cardiac fitness. Our trip was excellent!

    @laurelfit57 - Love your party clothes. Getting back to routine is always a relief for me.

    @TheGlwUp - Good for you putting self care before the to do list! I make lots of lists that are overambitious and then feel bad when I don't get them done. The truth is that taking care of myself is more important and a lot of the list stuff can wait.

    A quiet weekend here. Did a little shopping yesterday for new flooring we need in our bedroom and some plants we need for the front yard. I bought a mum, so I'm going to go rummage around in my fall decor and see if I can make something pretty for the front porch. Got some long walks in and no diet bombs. My weekend dessert was raspberries with cool whip.
  • laurelfit57
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    Weekly weigh in
    Username. laurelfit57
    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 150.4
    CW. 148.2
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    You can now find the October Week 3 Results in the Announcements and Results thread!

    Here's a sneak peak of how your team did...

  • TeresaW1020
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    @TheGlwUp Thank you so much! I admit to being proud of myself for getting to the top. Hubby was a LONG way down waving up at me! :D I am totally with you on being overwhelmed with a never ending to-do list. I just spent the last hour working on mine for this upcoming month. And yes, we have to keep making time for ourselves because that is just as important as anything else demanding our attention. :)

    @Cornanda Thank you! I didn’t think I was going to make it up that lighthouse but I was determined and that helped get me to the top. I’m so glad that you had a great trip! I just told hubby this morning that we need to go get a mum or something for the front porch. :)

    @laurelfit57 Great loss this week! Your picture is wonderful! You all look so cute! I love me a good legging. The secret is a top that is long enough to cover up what you want hidden. ;)

    Hi Team! Today has been a good day but busy with lots of little stuff. It hit me this morning that we are about to go into the holiday season, which for a church ministry assistant will consist of a whole lot of stuff. I’ve been working on my to-do list and calendaring events. My eating has been good today and the vacation weight is slowly coming off. Tomorrow, I’m getting back to working out and I’ve decided to do Beachbody 80 Day Obsession. They are hour-long workouts which will be good since I’m only doing 3 to 4 days a week now.
    :star: 100 DAY CHALLENGE – DAY 32 :star:
    1. Data Driven Fasting: I accidentally restarted so I have to get a new trigger. Uggghhh!
    2. Exercise/Physical Activity: Took today off.
    3. Stop Eating C.R.A.P Challenge: No sugar today!
  • 19shmoo69
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    P. W. 266
    C. W. 269
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    It is that time to recruit new members for the month of November ... If any of you have any friends that you think would love to join our amazing group ...Please encourage them to sign up :) Thank you
  • laurelfit57
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    @TeresaW1020 I got two pairs of leggings while we were away, that came up very high and are very supportive LOL! I love them!! I can’t seem to find any here, I guess that will be a process. I think I could live in them now😊. I would love it if I could find some leggings that felt like Lululemon‘s, but look like every day and wear about leggings.
    Sounds like you have a very busy time coming up!
    It was a crazy day here, we had our first snow! It didn’t last long, it was great big wet flakes, but it didn’t leave me much time for getting outside and walking with my pup, if it wasn’t snowing it was raining. It is supposed to be nicer tomorrow. I definitely want to get back into a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, three big workouts a week. Buckle up, Time to get into the homestretch :-) :-)
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