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    Question: are we supposed to come up with a phrase for the year?

    No, you have to come up with a word or phrase, but many people like to and find it helps to keep them mindful of their goals throughout the year. I hope you will choose to and share it with us. :)

    It's not original, but I'm passionate about: "She believed she could, so she did!" or " I believe I can so I shall!" I could even shorten it to: "I believe I can!" But what I will be telling myself over and over again is: "I got this!" so, I got this! is what I'm going with.

    When I'm hungry my first line of defense is to drink a really be glass of iced tea, or water or ask myself, am I really hungry or just thirsty?
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    Hi MS.. You have another member heading your way ... Please welcome @FutureTrophyWife :)
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    Hi everyone! Sorry for being slow to introduce myself - I've been low on internet access the last few days. I'm Gem, mid-thirties, live in the UK. I'm here because I've kept trying to lose that stubborn stone for the past few years... and over the past 18 months it's become a stubborn 2 1/2 stone.

    Happy new year to you all :) I'm on mobile at at the moment so not able to do a proper explore just yet but I'll be back to the land of good internet (ie not Cornwall which is where I am now) this evening so will engage properly then. In the meantime I'm bringing in the new year with a bowl of shreddies for breakfast ☺️
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    Happy New Year!

    Your new team chat thread for January is open! Please finish up this week's weigh-ins here, and to to the new thread for introductions and getting ready for the January challenge to officially begin Sunday:

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    Oops didn't mean to post here but I can't delete it.
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    Hi MS...You have a returning Member joining you ..Please welcome back @AmersY :)
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