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    Happy Birthday Sue !!
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    Michele: Adding my sympathy on your loss of Clyde. Hope Vince and you will still make your trip to Florida.

    Dr. Katie: My heart goes to you as you lovingly assist your parents through end of life decisions.

    Sue: Sounds like a very nice birthday. May every wish come true.

    Betsy: Hugs to you and your sister.

    Colorado Foothills
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    Michele: I'm sorry about Clyde. :'(
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    Betsy – what wonderful news! Doing a happy dance for you and your sister

    Rori – I can’t see why we wouldn’t be able to go to FL. What I would like to do is take the ashes of the cats and leave them there. To me...they should be someplace they loved. I do find it disconcerting to have the ashes in the house, but I wouldn’t tell Vince that. If it were me, I would bury the ashes. But not Vince

    Michele NC
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    :) Time for a new month and a clean slate. Here is the link to the new thread for February:
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    Back from the rheumatologist. Not much joy there--he's sending me back to the gastroenterologist, but did suggest strongly that I talk to the gastro about the biologics, so I've got some reading up to do (Humira, Stelara, Remicade and others that are approved for ulcerative colitis). Got some reading up to do on another suggestion he made of an anti-inflammatory for my arthritis that's not an NSAIDS, which may also help. Will talk to my primary VA doc about it.

    Exhausted, and just so glad to be home.

    Lisa in AR

    Lisa … mind sharing the name of the anti-inflammatory that isn’t an NSAIDS?


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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Michele— The cat poisoner lived across the street from us many years ago. He was a hater of cats who poisoned them because he blamed them for killing the birds who came to his bird feeder. He killed our cat with poison. Our next door neighbor told me about it the day we moved to a different town. If I had known the problem I would have kept our cat inside.

    These days I feed hummingbirds from humming bird feeders attached to our windows. Our neighbor has a cat that is an indoor kitty. I have never seen her cat and the humming birds are safe.


    It was because of a mean neighbor that we finally brought in the momma cat. Our neighbor doesn't like cats in his perfectly manicured yard. He told my dh that he knew that the black cat(our inside/outside boy cat) and the other(the momma) were ours but he was planning on catching them and taking them to the shelter. We were worried so we caught her and brought her in- she had been a semi-feral cat in the yard for about 5-6 yrs before we brought her inside. We have not allowed any of the cats, except for Neko(and he is not allowed out after dark).

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    Happy Birthday Sue!

    Had to get that in before this thread disappears. :)
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    Happy Birthday, Sue ❤️ I hope this is a very good year. ⭐️