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Shape Shifters Team Chat JANUARY 2022



  • Chalmation
    Chalmation Posts: 2,625 Member
    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    1/25: 8,671
    1/26: 10,253
  • CasandraW
    CasandraW Posts: 563 Member
    @angmarie28 so frustrating. I hope the scale reflects your hard work soon.
  • hipari
    hipari Posts: 1,367 Member
    Daily check-in: walked to the subway station when going downtown for a lunch date. I had planned on walking back as well, but took the bus instead because it had started to rain tiny little ice daggers during my lunch and I wasn’t in the mood for that. No regrets. For home improvement, I cleared space for my dad to work in, he came over to screw some tall cabinets to the wall as our first official act of baby proofing.

    Not sure about tomorrow’s plan yet, might just try to catch up on some general cleaning. A friend is coming over after her workday and I probably have to get some groceries, so if I go out I’ll go for a little walk as well if the southern Finnish winter is no longer trying to cut my skin or break my bones.

    Has anyone else had issues with Fitbit-MFP sync today? I switched to Apple Watch but I still have the Fitbit scale. I weigh most days and sync my weight from Fitbit to MFP to Happy Scale, and track my trendweight there. I’m checking to see if there’s a simpler way to do this, but right now I’m really annoyed as the Fitbit-MFP sync isn’t working so my weight isn’t syncing to Happy Scale, and I just hit a new record low today.
  • izzyred9400
    izzyred9400 Posts: 965 Member
    Here are my steps @jessicakrall8
    1/22 9,993
    1/23 6,632
    1/24 19,219
    1/25 9,611
    1/26 15,489
    1/27 19,987
    Hope you're feeling pumped for our 5k virtual today ? Good luck 😍
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 5,293 Member

    WELCOME BACK @kerdil08 !!! When you get a second, re-introduce yourself and catch us up on all your happenings!!! So glad you rejoined us!!
    Jessica :smile:
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,826 Member
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,826 Member
    Marni3369 wrote: »

    Happy Friday!

    PW: 228.8
    CW: 227.2
    Total loss so far: 72.6

    My goal was to be at 225 by end of January. Doesn't look like I'm going to make that but I'm hoping it's close.

    I have noticed that people in general interact with me differently. For example - I was given a free sample of high end face cream at Macy's last week. I have been buying this same brand make up for years and have never been given any free samples... much less one of their more expensive items. Also - last Friday night I went to meet some friends out. I was walking up to the door of the bar and a man sitting on the bench outside smoking with a friend deliberately stood up, opened the door for me and then went to sit back with his buddy on the bench. Again... never happened to me before. I was telling a friend of mine that it made me a little sad to know that people treat overweight people so differently. My friend said "Maybe it's the change in your self-confidence that causes people to interact with you differently." I love my friend! :)

    Aww what a good friend, and she might be right. I mean I have noticed that over weight people are treated different, but like for me, when I lose weight, my confidence goes up and I feel like Im treated differently also, and I have never been real big.
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 10,234 Member
    I am just putting up the new February chat thread - here it is! Please continue to weigh in here through the end of Saturday. Get started on introductions and plans for February on the new chat:
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