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    @FushiaKat Nice loss this week! Stay focused this week and you will get that BMI score to where you want it! :)

    @trooworld Thanks, I wasn’t always detailed-oriented or organized but I’ve sure learned to embrace the challenge. Korean Fire chicken sounds interesting! :)

    @Katmary71 I am sorry that your nephew is going through a hard time right and how good of you to try to help him. My daughter started having panic attacks in her Junior year and we had a heck of a time dealing with them and she ended up having to drop out of school, with the blessing from the school. I hope your nephew adjusts just needs a little extra TLC from his family. So, I take it winter is over where you are and the food bank garden is back in action? B)

    @laurelfit57 glad you had such a good day and were able to have some fun with Vannie. What color are you painting the grandkid’s room? :)

    Hi Team! I am tired after spending most of the day at the church office. My first day went well and I only had to call our retired bookkeeper twice and send her one text. I think she would have been disappointed if I hadn’t. :grin: I had to wait for our pest control guy so once I was done with the bookkeeping, I decided to start going through the file cabinets. I tossed out four bags of stuff. One whole drawer had old catalogs from 2010. What the heck!! :o I woke up this morning to my weight way up and my face super puffy. My body didn’t take too well to the Keto cheesecake that I made for my mom. The rest of the week, I will be eating super clean and watching the fat and carbs.
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    @Katmary71 your nephew is so lucky to have you, you are a very insightful aunt, I say that with most sincerity ♥️. Being a teenager is so tough, but in this Covid age it is even worse. Having someone he can connect with is everything.

    @trooworld , I really want to eat at your house, you guys always have the best food!!

    @FushiaKat congratulations on the loss!!

    @TeresaW1020 I am so glad your first day on your own went so well! Isn’t it amazing when you start going through things, what some people keep😜. Sorry your body reacted so poorly to the keto cheesecake, I’m sure that it was worth it though in celebration of your mom.
    My grand kids room is a bit tricky. So 95% of the time it is the grandkids room, but 5% of the time, especially over the summer we have family who come from out of town to visit who stay here. I am designing it so with a few simple changes it will go from my grandkids room to a grown-up guestroom. The twin beds get hooked together and turn into a king size bed, I put some pretty adult bedding on, takeout the little kids rocking chair etc. put in a nice folding chair and voilà is a guestroom :-) :-). So my paint colour is a very neutral warm gray. Not sure about pictures on the walls yet :-).

    So I think I may have overdone it a bit yesterday :-). I don’t feel sick or anything, but I am very tired. Yesterday my daughter tested positive for Covid as well, her in-laws have a condo downtown so she is able to go isolate there. This morning I went and got her groceries etc., got home after lunch and haven’t moved much since. I am just trying to listen to my body. My daughter feels just fine, mostly just like she has a cold.
    Hope everybody had a great day!
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    Hi Team MS ....You have a new member joining your team ... Please welcome @angelatdavidson2002 :)
  • Thank you so much!
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    Greetings Everyone!

    I got that bookshelf organized and it looks great. Such a feeling of accomplishment. I also went back to the gym yesterday along with taking care of some errands.

    Today we have that funeral. The family seems to be doing well but we all know what grief does. It will sneak in when you least expect it so we have to continue to lift them up in prayer.

    This month my focus has been to get moving and to find consistency in my life. I feel like I'm on my way with that. Next month I will focus on being intentional about being consistent about those things. I will also start taking a closer look at what I eat and try to get that into balance. I know this weight will come off much quicker and I will feel even better. It's all in making up your mind and I feel that I have a plan.

    I will be going to the gym later today because I also volunteered to help pass out food/books at a church in the community this morning and we also have that funeral.

    Well it's a brand new day! What are you going to do with it? Let's go get it and don't forget to be awesome! B)
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    @FushiaKat Congrats on the loss.

    @TeresaW1020 The fire chicken was interesting, and delicious! My work keeps old stuff like that, too. And sometimes people have a hard time of letting it go lol. I'm sure that extra weight will come off in no time.

    @laurelfit57 lol...thank you! I'm sorry about your daughter testing positive. Take it easy, definitely listen to your body!

    @angelatdavidson2002 Welcome to the team!

    @askewcr It sounds like you have a great plan. I like how you focus on different things every month.

    Hi all. Something has to change around here. I need to put my foot down when my husband wants to suddenly change the meal plan. I need to stick to my planned snacks. I need to do better and I will.

    My phrase for the year: "I take no crap and eat no crap."
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    Another new member heading your way ... Please welcome @WesSwarthout :)
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    You have another new member joining your wonderful team ... Please welcome @Mom24_2021 :)
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    Hello everyone! My nickname is Shay. I’m 28yrs old and I have 4 very young children. I live in the northeast US and I’m trying to lose weight again after having my 4th child.

    I lost over 22lbs after my first, none after my second since I became pregnant with my daughter just 3 months after he was born and lost 13lbs after my daughter. I am now ready to start losing the postpartum weight from my fourth, along with all the postpartum weight that stayed on me from my other babies due to little time between pregnancies. I have some health issues this time around caused by my pregnancies and deliveries but I’m just as determined as I was when I lost weight the first two times postpartum.

    My goal weight would probably be around 140lbs but I will kind of feel it out as I go. I have a weird body distribution when it comes to fat where it stays on my hips/ thighs and around my chest. Before my kids, I looked sickly thin around 125-130 so I just want to see how my body has changed in regard to this since I’ve had kids and go from there.

    I look forward to progressing with you all and reach our goals together.🤗🥰

    Side note, I have already reached out to Megan on this, but I do not currently own a scale. I plan on getting one in the next week or two when we have the money to pick one up.
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    @askewcr getting some thing organized and stepping back and taking a look at it, such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Glad you are also feeling that you are getting a handle on your goals! Sounds like you have a very busy day!

    @trooworld sorry about the gain, your plan sounds great, one step at a time!

    50% done the spare room, I should have it finished by the end of day tomorrow! With my daughter being gone, my son-in-law is on his own with the kids (4&5 years old), while continuing to work full-time at home. They got up to some mischief yesterday, my son-in-law was not impressed LOL. Today they were having a very good day and on their best behavior, so my daughter asked me if I would run to Dairy Queen and drop off a box of dilly bars for them. I still can’t see them for another three days, so I picked up the dilly bars, parked about four houses away, snuck across the neighbours lawns, tiptoed up their steps and delivered the package. I put a little note on it saying “love mommy”. The kiddos were so excited, my daughter is a stay at home mom and she is dearly missed! It was so much fun to go on a secret mission🤣
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    I feel so bad doing this but I tried to copy and paste a name and it clicked on it and I lost an hour of responses and my computer is going to die any minute so this is going to be short now. Hi to the new people, welcome to Slimpossibles!

    @TeresaW1020 Do you think it was the sweeteners that caused issues? That seems to be very common with people on keto. I talked my SIL into trying monkfruit right before the gym and it made a mess of her digestive system, I complained when she wanted to leave early and felt real bad when I heard it was from the sweetener.

    Hi everyone, as for the food bank farm we have a greenhouse going with both cool and warm items then the farm we're just starting to lay dirt again. I can't do that part so I just weeded the garlic the other day but the ground was soaked and I didn't bring anything to sit on, I left after an hour to peel off wet clothes. I'm in charge of the greenhouse the rest of the week which is just watering. I have cool crops going strong at home plus planted some more then started a bunch of seeds today. The seeds I ordered aren't here yet and that's mostly summer stuff, I have a grow table with a light in the house so it's going to be full this year. Aside of that I'm doing the yoga challenge I was injured from earlier this month with a friend but I'm modifying all the planks in the hopes it doesn't flare me up again. Oh, I'm picking up the boxes for the Cards for Seniors program next week and one of the places I'm going to is a spin cycle place, I'm dying to hop on a bike and try it, they allow a free class but I don't think I could go the whole time. Anyhow, let's see if I can get in and out without busting a move on a bike!
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    Hi! I'm back in FL. I've kept up with all your posts, it's always nice to read what everyone is up to. My Dad was very surprised by his party and we had a great time celebrating. Then, we were able to spend some time as a family in the days after the party. It was nice and I enjoyed it. I'm glad to be home. My husband and doggo missed me. I did some good things with my eating while I was gone, but mostly not. I was surprised when I got on the scale that I did not have a big gain. Going to get back to exercising today.

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    @Mom24_2021 Hi and welcome to the team, Shay!

    @laurelfit57 Thank you! <3 Congrats on the progress on the spare room. Dilly bars! I used to love those. Brings back memories of walking to Dairy Queen when I was a kid. You are a good grandma! I'm glad you had fun on your mission lol.

    @Katmary71 Sounds like you are taking good care of all the plants. I'm glad you aren't trying to do the planks again, better to modify. I've always been curious about a spin class, too, but my tailbone problem won't allow me to sit on a bike that long.

    @Cornanda Welcome back! I'm so glad you had a nice time on your trip. What tips do you have for someone visiting relatives? What worked for you this time?

    Hi all. We did a lot of running around last night so we stopped and picked up Chinese food to go. I tried to make the best decision I could: tofu dish and shared a chow fun dish with my husband. Yesterday at work, I really wanted a candy bar or chocolate but I told myself, no, you are doing things differently. That seemed to work.

    My phrase for the year: "I take no crap and eat no crap."
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    In a nutshell I turned 50 this week, crossed close to nothing off the list I made a year ago and ate myself silly.
    On the plus side my foot hurt less so I hopped on the indoor bike twice, had hour long talks with 2 very dear friends living on different continents, and avoided some excruciating negative people both days I went in the office.
    So off I go to make new plans and draw new lines.
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    I just got my weighted hula hoop in the mail yesterday. So excited to try it.
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    @laurelfit57 I think it’s a good idea to keep the room neutral enough to please the kids and make your guest feel like they are in a grown up room. Maybe some nice nature pics or some fun animal pics. I’ve seen some fun stuff online. Sorry that your daughter tested positive. How super sweet of you to get the kiddos some Dilly bars from her! :grin:

    @trooworld Do it! Put that foot down and tell your husband that your health and weight journey is important to you and you need him to respect that. You will do better! <3

    @Mom24_2021 Welcome to the team, Shay! You will definitely find lots of great support on our team. As for the scale issue, we will have @broncobuddee make a note that you don’t have a scale just yet, so just weigh in as soon as you get one. :)

    @Katmary71 Ugghhh losing long posts are the worst!! I have learned to type all my posts in a Word doc. I just minimize it on the computer and then keep the person I’m talking to at the top of the screen. Works great and I never lose a post anymore. ;) I read that you are crazy busy as usual. You be careful about getting on that bike! :grin:

    @Cornanda Welcome back!! So happy that your dad had a great party. Now to get back on track with your eating and exercising. :)

    @trooworld I haven’t had Chinese in ages! The sodium would make my weight jump up but it would be worth it. :p

    @GabiV125 Happy birthday!! Turning 50 is a big milestone for sure and you have plenty of time to get those things on your list crossed off. :)

    @lose4me71 Ohhh I bet a weighted hulu hoop would be great fun! You will have to share with us how you like it. :)

    Hi Team! Today was a busy one at the church and I leave in just a moment to go to Bible study. At least this week, I’m much more prepared to lead our ladies. Tomorrow hubby and I have a bunch of errands to run including going downtown to the courthouse so that I can become a notary again. I was already one but then I let it expire so I have to do it all over again. That will teach me!! I might get hubby to take us to lunch tomorrow. 😊
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    Good morning All!

    I'm up early this morning and as I started to walk,, my right ankle started to hurt. This is the same pain I had last year and didn't do anything to injure it. I guess it doesn't like me walking that treadmill at the gym. Last time it took a minute to get past it, with a lot of icing and resting. I hate this because I was on a roll getting out to the gym. Hopefully it won't last long. Have a great day everyone. Let's go get it! B)
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