262 lb to 180.2 lb



  • psophly
    psophly Posts: 4 Member
    This is wonderful news! Keep up the healthy lifestyle you've created!
  • justanotherloser007
    justanotherloser007 Posts: 497 Member
    @jessienani amazing transformation and hard work, congratulations!! Also, I am going to need to know where that beautiful water and beach is at, so I can pretend to go there someday. Thanks!!
  • jusayange
    jusayange Posts: 28 Member
    Amazing progress! How long did it take you?
  • hodgeshailey1186
    hodgeshailey1186 Posts: 5 Member
    Your story is AMAZING. The amount of dedication and discipline it takes to accomplish this kind of weight loss is crazy. I'm on a similar path as well (Down 108 pounds; started in March of last year) keep working hard buddy! You're so inspiring!
  • yablar516
    yablar516 Posts: 2 Member
    Wow this is inspirational! Thanks for sharing
  • msbeenishzaidi559
    msbeenishzaidi559 Posts: 5 Member
    That's great results - totally inspiring. How did you split your protein intake throughout the day?