Healthy Bingo starts January 19

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Are you ready for a round of bingo? Challenge yourself to try new things and get stronger. As always, you can modify any move.
You can also swap out a square for 5,000 steps of walking or Walk it Out but you can only do this one time during the challenge.
Bingos can be in a row across or down or diagonal. All bingos are rewarded with a goodie.
Black out your card by doing all the activities on the card and receive the accolades of your team mates.

We will start this challenge on Wed January 19. Make your 5x5 bingo using the list of 30 items below.

1. Try this workout
2. Add mindfulness to your routine: meditate or take a yoga or Tai Chai class.
3. March in place during the commercials of a 30 minute show.
4. Try a new healthy meal. Tell us what you had.
5. Do 3 sets of five glute bridges. Do this on the carpet or on a mat. I don’t recommend doing it on the hard floor like this woman. ;)
6. Do 5 15 second planks.
7. Raise your heart rate to music with this Happy Walk
8. Work out those knots by doing a 20 minute stretching routine or yoga.
9. Walk around your neighborhood or inside your building at work for 30 minutes. Post your step count.
10. Run, walk, or roll (skates, bikes, even wheelchairs) a mile.
11. Do this upper body workout
12. Do this Legs and Glutes Workout
13. Do this Towel Pyramid Workout
14. Do this Total Body Stretch
15. Do this Indoor Walking Workout for Beginners
16. Read this article and make one of the recipes listed. Tell us what you made.
17. Make one of these breakfast recipes
18. List 5 things or people that you are grateful for.
19. Exercise for 45 minutes today.
20. Eat 3 servings of protein.
21. Drink 4 8oz glasses of water today.
22. Eat 2 servings of vegetables and 1 serving of protein.
23. Read 5 articles on myfitnesspal.
24. Climb 10 flights of stairs.
25. Go for a walk outside.
26. Go for a hike in the woods or walk around your neighborhood.
27. Try a youtube workout that you have never done before. Tell us.
28. Dance and sing to a song on the radio or a device.
29. Do a stretching video to get those kinks out.
30. On Rhythm Island build the diner, the airship, the fountain, and the lighthouse.