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  • I’m with you! I started tracking back in early November & decided to weigh myself only once a month on the same numerical date. Although in January, I ended up weighing twice, because curiosity got the better of me.🤣 This has helped my mental game A LOT! I mainly track Protein, Fiber, & calories, and have set my MFP goals so one day a week I get a much bigger calorie allotment than the other six days. This helps me not only shake up my body from getting too adjusted to the lower calories, but it also gives me a day to socialize &/or indulge a bit more. So far, My mental game is MUCH better/healthier, and I plan on continuing with only once or twice a month. {If for some reason this way stops working for me, I’ll go back to Happy Scale & try to watch my trends more than the numbers.} *And yes, I’m losing weight consistently!🥳

    Everyone has to do what works for them~ so maybe you can experiment with different strategies and see what works best for you. Good Luck, and I’m sending you lots of support!!
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    I lose inches every month...but then they come back the following month when my fibroids blow up again when I ovulate.

    I lost about 30 pounds before I could do away with the extender for my bra.

    However, if someone went from a very salty diet to one much lower in salt, or otherwise did something to affect water retention, I could see the potential for losing inches in a short time. (But just as an initial one time thing.)
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    I weigh myself everyday, first thing before I jump in the shower, but I only record my weight once a week. It keeps me on track for the week, I can adjust my calorie intake each day if I need to. I record my measurements every 4 weeks.
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    So I'm on day 6 into this and I'm doing good. But I've decided that I will only be doing monthly weigh ins. In the past when I had tried to do this journey I tend to get a little scale obsessed, to the point I will weigh myself 8-10 times a day and if it goes up at all (which I know is totally normal) I will freak out and beat myself up and well ,eventually quit.

    Great thinking! I am a little scale obsessed as well, so I certainly feel your pain. And yeah, I'm the same, multiple times per day, getting in my head about the slightest gain.
    I want to change my life style and my habits, it's not about a number on a scale. I know most people do at least weekly weigh ins to make sure they are on track and make changes if it reflects that maybe something isn't working, and that's great but given my history of becoming consumed by it I think I should avoid it till I'm farther into it and my life style changes are now habit. What do you guys think? Not sure why I'm posting this here guess cause I don't really have anyone in my life to talk to about these kinda things lol.

    You've got the right thinking! It is a lifestyle and habit change, not just a diet. That is a great mentality to have!

    You have heaps of folks to talk about it to here.
    I started only weighing in once per month on the same day and same time of day.

    It's as hard to stick to (for me) as not eating chocolate for each meal, but I'm getting better, and you will too!
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    I feel like one's relationship with the number has a big impact on how often one should way. Some people are analytical by nature and having lots of data points (daily weigh ins) help them look at the long term picture. Some people are very cyclical, eating high fiber, low sodium, high protein and low carb during the week, but allowing themselves to eat out on the weekends. For them, once a week (probably Friday mornings tbh) works well because the jump in water weight Monday morning after a high sodium weekend sets a bad tone for the week (for example). Some people do better with solid, definitive changes, and rounding errors or fluctuations bother them. Monthly weigh-ins work best for them.

    I'm a data gal. I like the daily weigh in, and I like looking at the 3 month or 6 month trend charts. Heck, when I first started tracking calories, I only recorded my first weigh-in of the day, but I would weigh myself multiple times of day. After going to the bathroom. After eating a meal. After working out or showering. It didn't psych me out so much as give me data inputs as to how the scale changes based on factors outside of my actual weight. Spending the first month weighing multiple times a day helped me with listening to my body and being able to attribute small fluctuations with non-fat factors, which in the long term, made it really easy to shrug off the days I jumped up 2 pounds from the previous day.

    I recognize that's not the case for a lot of people, and it doesn't have to be. Don't be afraid to experiment with your time tables.
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    As of today 2.2 lbs lost since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago on 2/21

    I measured today, my last measurements were taken on 2/16
    Bust decreased by another 1.5 inches
    Waist decreased by 1 more inch
    Hips decreased by another .5 of an inch

    It is possible to see results in only 2 or 3 weeks. Note that I have more to lose than many might, at least 75 pounds to go as of now. Also, I am exercising almost every day, averaging about 370 mins per week. Mostly walking, low impact aerobics, stretching/toning, and lifting light weights or using resistance bands. I'm not counting on seeing these kind of results long term. As I get smaller and closer to my goal it will take me longer to achieve similar results.
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    For those of us that use a scale to weigh-in, do you ever try to guess your weight before you get on it? I do and it is astonishing how far off I am sometimes! At times, good; other times, bad!