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  • jessicakrall8
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    @PamStellick Need your steps for Feb 2nd and the 7th to current please. Thanks!

    Lots of green on our guys are really working hard this week...even the few gains have been teensy weensy! Doesn't it feel great to know you're working hard on helping get yourself more healthy?!! I'm so proud of Y'ALL!!!

    Here's wishing all of you a wonderful weekend! What's up?!! Who's got fun plans for Saturday and Sunday?!!
    Jessica :smile:
  • wtbarunner
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    Feb 16 9504
    Feb 17 9121
  • Beka3695
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    Hi team! I am out of town this weekend. Please roll over my weight for the week. I’ll be back next week.
  • CasandraW
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    @izzyred9400 I’m glad to hear you’re starting to feel better. We’ve had to isolate a couple times due to Covid exposure. I understand the desire to get out of the house.
    Congratulations on the loss this week!!
  • jessicakrall8
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    @jazzadesigns We've all had those...hang in there...hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend!

    @izzyred9400 So glad you're test came back negative and that you're starting to feel better. Isolation will end soon and you'll feel better when you can get out a bit. Also, thanks for reporting in that you're ok since Storm Eunice came through...I've seen some of the pictures...insane how strong those winds were and with winds like that EVERYTHING becomes a flying weapon. Glad you had little damage and that you are ok!!

    @Beka3695 Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy your weekend!

    @wtbarunner Thanks for reporting your're numbers look great! I bet you're out walking right now!!!

  • jessicakrall8
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    Week 4's Group Challenge starts tomorrow. Hope to see you all there this week as we "Bust a Move"!

    Here's your link:

    Jessica :blush:
  • KHill875
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    Friday weight
    PW: 139.4
    CW: 142.4

    Sorry, I completely forgot to post my weight yesterday. I also did really bad with the Valentine's Day sweets this week. Got a buckle back down.
  • izzyred9400
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    Happy Saturday all 🙂
    Thank you so much @CasandraW for your kind words & encouragement with my weight loss.Its much appreciated.
    @jessicakrall8 yes I will sure to be glad to get outside again.Ive missed my walks,swims & the gym.The storm has been crazy,apparently alot of trees down near me.I actually saw a clip of people been knocked off their feet by the wind !!! So maybe it was the best week to stay at home.
  • jessicakrall8
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    Missing the following weigh ins (incl today):
    @hipari (2x)

    Stats begin early in the morning, so please report in tonight!
  • LaurieWrobo
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    2/16 4,596
    2/17 3,114
    2/18 5,215
  • Is there a way a can go to the cheer team. I don't want to keep letting you down
  • jessicakrall8
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    Is there a way a can go to the cheer team. I don't want to keep letting you down

    Hey @jennifersusanmcdougall ...I don't want you to feel that you're letting anyone down. Unfortunately ups and downs are a part of this crazy journey. You seem motivated to lose, so I'd suggest you stay, but if you feel you need a break, then I'll put in the request. I feel like if you could find some time to participate in a few of our discussions, challenges, it might make a different for yourself AND anything you share with the team, usually has the double affect of helping others in their issues as well. Think about it and let me know, but don't worry about disappointing anyone...just focus on your goals and ultimately the science has to balance out. Perhaps your body needs a shake up...something unusual to get it out of its routine. Let me know how I can help.
  • frankwbrown
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    Step goal: 10,000 daily
    Fri 2/18: 16,059
    Sat 2/19: 12,357
  • Chalmation
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    2/18: 11,283
    2/19: 10,228
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @jennifersusanncdougall - I would like to join @jessicakrall8 in encouraging you to stay with the main group unless you have a specific goal in mind that moving to the support group might help you achieve.

    You aren’t disappointing any of us. We all move up and down in the short-term so the longer-term trajectory is what matters. In fact, the support group isn’t much different since we still weigh-in weekly. Whatever decision you make will work for the overall group. The decision is really more about which status is likely to make a positive difference for you. I’ve been through some long stalls so I’m cheering for you to stick with it either way!
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    Congrats on completing yet another week of the Fat2Fit Challenge! You can find the results of the past week by clicking on the link below:

    Here's a sneak peek into how your team did...

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