The scales says I'm down a full 100lbs today



  • dontlikepeople
    dontlikepeople Posts: 125 Member
    It seems to me you have lost weight at a great pace to be down 100 lbs - for me it comes on so very easily, but leaving...not so much! You mention the last 10 lbs have been slow, so really the first 90 off were very fast indeed - what an amazing feat tbh, 100 lbs in one year - marvelous!

    The calorie estimates for weight loss on myfitnesspal are pretty accurate for me, it's only off by maybe 100 calories, but the "You'll be X pounds in 5 weeks" tends to be very accurate so long as I'm consistent.

    Remember to exercise. I'm relatively athletic and exercise 2+ hours per day most days, but everyone should be doing a good 20-30 minutes per day for general health. That's really the difference between the scale moving and not moving for me.
  • arrivera15
    arrivera15 Posts: 4 Member
    Congratulations! This is truly inspiring. Covid, no colds, YOU pushed through it! That is truly amazing! Take those selfies! You earned it.
  • suchaprettyface70
    suchaprettyface70 Posts: 49 Member
    Celebrate! That is a big win!!! Congratulations!!!
  • Slowfaster
    Slowfaster Posts: 182 Member
    Congratulations! You've done an amazing thing.

    That hundred pounds represents countless moments when you resisted temptation and demonstrated great self-control. Now, because of that missing weight your heart doesn't have to work so hard, your blood pressure is lower, your insulin is under control, your joints are relieved, and your risk of cancer has cut way down. Those colds are much less likely to turn into bronchitis or worse.

    You can afford to be very proud of yourself. Go out and buy yourself a new outfit!