Fit Force - Formerly Team 6



  • ForeverFitNHealthy
    ForeverFitNHealthy Posts: 964 Member
    Fit Force again please!
  • Sparkuvu
    Sparkuvu Posts: 2,516 Member
    Fit Force please
  • ruffit1
    ruffit1 Posts: 1,190 Member
    Would love to be a FitForce teamie if they will have me! Hugs Moni
  • walkintofit
    walkintofit Posts: 3,441 Member
    fit force 4 me!
  • YoungAtHeart105
    YoungAtHeart105 Posts: 565 Member
    Fit Force please
  • EllenGray54
    EllenGray54 Posts: 169 Member
    Fit Force please
  • Kristop9050
    Kristop9050 Posts: 487 Member
    Yes to Fit Force
  • batdave1971
    batdave1971 Posts: 1 Member
    Fit force please
  • Tree1005
    Tree1005 Posts: 8 Member
    Fit Force:)
  • Ceriusly1
    Ceriusly1 Posts: 5,702 Member
    🛑 Do not post to this thread for any reason. The post will not be acknowledged. This team is closed for sign-ups.

    💡If you would like to participate in the challenge, please post a request to be seated to the Thread titled, "ANY TEAM IS GREAT". You will be placed in the next open spot. Seats will be filled in order of sign-up according to the timestamp, (EDT), on the post. We will be seating people through Day 1 of the Challenge.
    🤗 Thank You
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