April 18



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    1/3 pass days used
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    April 18

    Exercise today was 25 mins walking around the building at work and 10 mins of yoga tonight.

    I'm circling back around to Monday, because it was my anniversary (7 years!) and I completely forgot about the 2 glasses of wine that I had when I got home from work. (I'm not usually a wine drinker, and obviously hadn't pre-logged it!) Going back and putting it in my diary put me over for the 18th.

    Update: ✖️✅✅
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    @donna25trinity Had no idea you were in Australia. Super cool. Thanks for today's opener.

    Well My plans to stay on track are:
    1) Time box my week/track how I'm spending my 168 hours/make room for important things
    2) Pre-posting my 3 YES to set my implementation intention
    3) Looking to do my 20 minute workout in the morning before the day gets too busy

    Goal for Monday is to think ahead and prep mentally for the dinners/meals for the week.

    But I think doing those three things consistently right now will give me the most return on investment.

    My son turned 6 on Saturday and I worked on Easter Sunday. It was a celebratory weekend. I too look forward to getting back on track.

    Sorry about the delay @stayfitter my phone ended up in water so I am phoneless atm. TBH I have liked the break from tech but miss my MFP. Sounds like you got a solid plan. Hope this week is going well for you! Happy birthday to your son. 6 is a cute age! xox
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    My nsv:Back to work and I was initially really hard on myself as could not sustain alot of habits I previously had but then I heard a podcast on a individual who like me returned to work after making her weight loss her full time job and the message was that wen going back to work it takes 6 weeks to adjust to a new routine. I feel so much better after hearing that cause dispite juggling being a mum, a wife, work, cooking, cleaning, being a sister, daughter and friend I hve still hve managed to get up 5 days a week run, do weights, meditate, hve a shower before bed, track my food as best as I can, be aware of wen I am comfort eating, stick with UAC, go for a walk on lunch break on some days and lastly be comfy eating at maintaince. So yeah I am really not doing too bad. Xo

    Wow @donna25trinity !! Seriously! Wow! I'm catching up on posts that I missed over the weekend, and came across this one of yours from the 15th!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! Um, YEAH! You are doing excellent in my book. You make me look "lazy".... Lol. Huge Kudos to you!!

    aww thanks boss and no way you are not lazy.. I remember back in the day seeing all your stretching and super long walks that you did and i would think wow she does alot as do so many others on here, Seeing that everyday def helped inspire me to get moving more!! Suppose being on here made it the new normal! xoxo
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    Thanks for your opening post today @donna25trinity 🐣🐥🌷🌻 Monday is a great day to reset and your energy has brought me to a good moment.

    Measuring and weighing everything again to confirm my “eyeball estimates” are on track and keep myself honest with myself. Started today and will keep at this for the full week. So far so good. Underestimated how much peanut butter I could have — so I am a happy camper! 🥜🐒 I find this is a good way for me to help myself when it feels like a bit of a slog to keep going.

    Wishing everyone a good week ahead. 💐

    Sorry about the delay @jamcnewman..Ate peanut butter today and thought of you. LOL! Well it was actaully Pb2 powder but kinda the same thing. Great thing that you underestimated on the peanut butter as that stuff has so much calories. That was one of the foods i got shocked about wen I started counting calories. The other one was nuts.. I used to inhale nuts like there was no tomorrow and yes I understand they are good fats etc but dam I literally don't think i have eaten a nut since. LOL. Good thinking with the measuring your food.. It def makes a difference and I hope its been going well for you this week. xoxoxosxo
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    Great opener @donna25trinity . For this week, I'm pre-logging...or updating my food diary BEFORE I eat.... and stopping my procrastination! ✔ #Justdoit

    Hope the pretracking is going well @mrs_hoffer it makes such a difference wen we preplan doesnt it. xoxoxo
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    @snowshoe072 Never put it away.. I do not trust my eyeballing at all ;)

    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes, 47 minutes Peloton, 48 minutes walking, 5 minutes stretching
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes

    Pass days used - 6

    @donna25trinity We were really busy the week leading up to Easter so we actually didn't have an Easter dinner this year which is unusual but on the plus side I didn't have to worry about navigating a big meal. My husband did get me Easter chocolate so I'll portion that out over the next few months.

    yeah your right sounds like it was a good thing in a way @ashleycarole86 xoxoxo
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    Thought I posted, but doesn’t appear that way.
    Yes, tracked & yes calories.
    No exercise
    Passes all used.